Neon FM Mobile Beta Updated to 1.6.4 with tons of bugfixes, new calibration, and more


NeonFM’s recently released Closed Beta just got a semi-major update. After many players voiced concerns with the timing calibration wizard, it has now been updated and improved, plus an “Auto-offset” feature will now calibrate your timing based on gameplay. The full list of additions and bugfixes is below:

  • The calibration wizard has been improved, but it was also fine before on our test devices, so please let us know if it is giving crazy values.
  • Added an “auto-offset” function in gameplay options. This automatically adjusts your offsets while playing the song, and adjusts your offset by the amount calculated at the end of the song. Please turn that on if it isn’t on for you already, and let us know if it works for you.
  • Virtual controller button colors will now match player’s selected button / note colors.
  • Added Pause / Play sprites and paused text to screen when game is paused. (known bug: text does not display when screen is inverted.)
  • Improved timing needle visibility.
  • Replaced Achievements menu with System Options menu.
  • Added options for auto-difficulty and lane flash brightness.
  • Single player games will now automatically pause when the app is suspended.
  • Updates to translations. 
  • Fixed an issue where preview songs would not update correctly when scrolling through the song wheel.
  • Fixed an issue where some text fields were not re-scaling when changed.
  • Fixed an issue where users with passwords with special characters were not able to log in.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-login attempts would remove the login button.
  • Fixed minor text formatting issue on results screen.
  • Fixed “Show FPS” and “Show Hitboxes” options.
  • Fixed certain effects with no color change tinting the screen red.
  • Fixed issue where credits displays were not updating at all after ad credits were recognized.
  • Fixed issue where song wheel scrolling ceased working as intended after a certain period of time.
  • Fixed issue where multiplayer info cards were being passed the wrong data.
  • Fixed an issue where login attempts were being made before the game connected to the server, causing some logins to stall permanently.
  • Fixed for login and user options windows not being placed correctly when the screen is inverted.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes logging in and then logging out made logging back in without restarting the app impossible.
  • Possible fix for crashing after video ads.
  • Possible fix for rare issue where song wheel would get stuck looping through all songs.
  • Possible fix for some misc. multiplayer bugs.
  • Other minor misc. tweaks and fixes.

As always, the devs requested that all players report “any issues you encounter (particularly issues listed as “Possibly fix” above) in as much detail as possible via this group or the “Report A Bug” function in the options menu.”

To join the test, you can signup here: