Pump It Up Prime 2 Announced at Japan Pump It Up Fest 2016


Yesterday at the 2016 Japan Pump It Up Fest and in collaboration with a “Japanese touch-based music game”, Pump It Up Prime 2 was announced to the public! Andamiro is hoping Pump It Up Prime 2 will be more appealing to a wider Japanese audience now in what direction they decide the game will take. We’re hoping the music game in discussion is of course crossbeats, and Naoki Maeda will contribute produced music for the game, collaborate on new game features with the Pump It Up staff, or just a bit of control of the game’s process to help broaden the appeal for more players. We’ve seen amazing success come from crossbeats, and we’re hoping Naoki sheds his magic onto Prime 2

We’ll be keeping our eyes out for any new development in the series!

Thanks Derek Hoying for the tip!