Weekly BEnama News #136: BEMANI ROCK FES ’16 Open Meeting #3, plus new songs, and Bemani Fansite 5th Anniversary!


First up this week was the BEMANI ROCK FES ’16 Open Meeting #3, with hosts Yuei, wac, and guest Des-ROW!


There were two big announcements this week. First up, as with this spring’s past EDP 2016, the decision has been made to broadcast BRF16 live at 6 arcades across Japan!

01 02

  • Sapporo, Hokkaido @ DINOS PARK NORUBESA
  • Nagoya, Aichi @ Amusement Mega Space King Joy
  • Osaka @ G-pala Abeno
  • Kobe, Hyogo @ Yu Space Magical
  • OkayamaAmipara Technoland
  • Matsuyama, Ehime @ Grant City MG INN Kisuke

The second announcement: A “New Song” subpage on the official BRF website announced that the event’s theme song, by PON and 96, will be revealed on the 4th and final Open Meeting:




In addition, a new song by Des-ROW GUMI Special will be added to REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA2’s Pastel Challenge mode




That concluded the 3rd Open Meeting for the night. After a 30-minute break, Konami’s Tanaka-san from Marketing started the usual BEnama broadcast!


The first order of business? A quick reminder that the Reitaisai Continues event in MUSECA will be finishing on 6/22. Before then, you have one last chance to get these 3 special Touhou Project Graficas. 4x plays will earn you one of them:



Next up – pop’n music eclale news! Although it was announced prior to BEnama, 2 *new* characters plus 5 alternate colors for Dosue, everyone’s favorite yatsuhashi, were added to STAR FACTORY today.



In addition, a new “Pop’n Theater” area with 8 new Character Medals was added to Star Maker! A new character is also unlockable in the Reverse Area:


Also today, 2 long versions were added to GITADORA TriBoost:

-08.39.57 -08.40.51


Next up, a surprise visit from Cody, wherein he showed us the RASIS-03 Special Figure (UFO Catcher Prize) coming in the next few weeks to arcades across Japan:



Included in the box is a special Serial Code that is used in Sound Voltex to unlock the same navigator: RASIS-03 Special Figure VER.!!



Also in SDVX news, although it wasn’t mentioned much on BEnama… a big update bringing 8 new songs to Sound Voltex tomorrow, 6/16! The first song, UROBΦROS / 溝口ゆうま feat. 大瀬良あい comes to us along with a new story chapter – Episode 14:



Next up, 4 Ryu☆ Original Remix Contest winners:

  • I’m so Happy (Happy Hoppin Remix) / polysha
  • Critical Crystal (brz_remix) / brz
  • 雪月花 -さわわ Remix- / さわわ
  • Mind Mapping (hard liquid remix) / borzy




And finally, 3 songs from this past Reitaisai have been added into the game for all to enjoy:

  • Sweet little Lily / Silver Forest
  • Help me, ERINNNNNN!! -Cranky remix- / ビートまりお × Cranky
  • 碧の疾風 / 君の美術館




After Cody said his farewells, another *surprise* guest, Des-ROW, joined the show for some Reflec Beat news. Tomorrow’s Pastel Challenge update will bring not only his new song, but, classic fan-favorite O JIYA!!


Next up was a quick update on the current standings of May’s SUKI Ranking:


-08.56.43 -08.56.56 -08.57.18 -08.57.57 -08.58.06 -08.58.23

















In non-game news, the official BEMANI Fan Site will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on June 30th! A special page was just made available for this event.


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.00.58 PM


  • By using the hashtag #BEMANI動画 on Twitter, you can request a movie to be made – for example “I want LED and TAKA to sing Wow Wow VENUS while doing the DanEvo routine.” (Deadline 6/22)
  • A special commemorative e-AMUSEMENT Pass will also be created, with (probably) 5 winners. Twitter will be used for entry.
  • In the official eAmuse App, use the [BEMANI Fan Site 5th Anniversary] tag, and upload some BEMANI-related fanart, and it might be features on the site and an upcoming BEnama!
  • An extensive but concise survey was posted asking your opinions on the site. Fill it out!!!


Finally, a quick note on “Apollo” – this is an online doujin music sales event similar to M3/Comiket. As with those events, many BEMANI-related artists will be selling things:



Finally, on the 3rd day of the event, 6/19 at 8pm, Tanaka-san, Cody, and TAG will join the Apollo staff for a special live broadcast and talk about doujin music and related topics. More details soon:



And there you have it. Thank you for playing <3