Weekly BEnama News #137 & BRF Open Meeting #4: jubeat, Reflec Beat, GITADORA, pop’n, and… PRIVATE BEMANI UNIVERSITY?!



On this week’s BEnama, special guests, rock band “Frederic”, joined Konami’s Tanaka-san from PR, to talk about their recent activities.




At the push of a button, they released their own “Frederic Pack” for both jubeat plus and REFLEC BEAT plus!
-08.41.33 -08.44.29 -08.48.34


In GITADORA news, the latest PREMIUM ENCORE STAGE has been released!



Next up, BeatStream will get 3 Nightmare charts for the following 3 anime songs on 6/23:

Pop’n Music eclale is also getting a new Net Taisen battle featuring various Konami/game motifs:


May’s SUKI Ranking is going strong, with the following results so far:
-09.09.02 -09.09.08 -09.09.15 -09.09.32 -09.09.39



















The #1 songs from the past year have been assembled into a mini-album which is downloadable for about $5!



Finally, the beatmania IIDX Premium Controller has been given a shipping date: 7/20!

-09.14.34 -09.14.47

Following BEnama, the 4th and final Bemani Rock Fes ’16 Open Meeting (#4) started with it’s usual hosts, Yuei and wac, along with Tanaka-san. FINALLY, the goods were announced… but before that, the event’s Theme Song was revealed with a special movie:





That’s right… 3 years after the events of Private BEMANI Academy, PON and 96 have started the Light Music Club in… PRIVATE BEMANI UNIVERSITY?!

But, the club’s about to be disbanded by scroogy headmaster TAKA! So, they’ve thought up BRF16 as an event to help keep the club together. Now they need your help to create 10,000 fliers for it! 

Just choose a setlist and share it to Twitter or the eAmusement app, and you can help to unlock various rewards in BEMANI games!


We’ll leave you with the amazing collection of goods available at the event. Try not to drool too much!


goods_artist goods_game_title goods_official