Daiba de Diva X – Event Report (Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- X Launch Event)


For the recent launch of the PSVita title, Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- X, Sega held a month long launch event and its indoor theme park, Joypolis, here in Tokyo. This event was previously written about in this article, but this is a quick report of how it was for real.

Unfortunately, the day of the visit didn’t have any of the special ‘live’ shows or PV showings and it was a weekday. As such, some of the areas/cafes were a little empty and the atmosphere of the place wasn’t quite as overwhelming as expected. But since Joypolis has an indoor roller-coaster, the odd quietness was frequently pierced by excited screaming.


With that said, I think any fans of the series would’ve enjoyed this event. The place really was decked out in Miku-related visuals and merchandise and songs were playing over the PA. Upon entering, you’d see is a playful cardboard cutout, allowing fans and kids to check their heights (it is a theme park after all) against the official character heights. Upon entering the main area, one of the first event items I came across were the carnival games. These were fairly regular games (e.g. throwing a ball into a bucket) but given Project Diva-inspired facades and prizes. I’ve never been a fan of carnival games, so I gave this part a miss and played a couple of rounds of Chunithm instead.

DaibaDivaX-03Next, I picked up a Diva-themed drink from Joypolis’ D-Lounge. The event’s website originally said the drinks would be themed/named after songs, but in the end, they were just all ‘mango’, ‘melon’, ‘orange’, etc. In any case, I picked one and got a commemorative sticker to go with it.

After that it was time to actually try playing the game, so it was off to the exhibition space on Joypolis’ top level. There there were 4 PSVitas set-up with the game running and a small display of the game’s art and visuals. But as mentioned before, since there were no special events running at the time of the visit, there weren’t many people around. Of course, that just meant I wasn’t rushed through my turn on the game.


Finally, I headed for a Diva-themed meal and a drink at Joypolis’ Frame Cafe. The cafe was of course also decorated with Project Diva visuals and had a number of collaboration items on the menu.


I tried the Miku(mint) Chocolater (三クントチョコラータ), a chocolate and mint flavoured milkshake-type drink, and the Miku’s Blue Sauce Pilaf Omelette, garnished with Spring Onion (ミクのブルーソースオムピラフネギ添え). Both were surprisingly tasty, though probably not the best pairing (taste-wise, obviously the visuals matched up nicely). The two coasters the meal came with pretty nice too.


There was a lot more to the event itself, but this pretty much covers what I got to see and do on the day I went. Joypolis is known for holding these kinds of character/game series specific events every now and then, so it’s a place to keep an eye on if you’re interested in Sega’s titles.