Dave & Buster’s DDR A News Coming A Whole Lot Sooner Than You Think!


With DanceDanceRevolution A being scheduled for July (sorry June!) for both North American Round 1 and Dave & Buster’s, it has been widely known for sometime now that all United States based Round 1 locations will be receiving DDR A this month, but just little info has been given on the Dave & Buster’s side of the fence – and many people still believe this to be a rumor still after our initial announcement.

Great news, ahoy! Dave & Buster’s informed us that the last container of DDR A was released from the Port of Los Angeles this morning headed to stores! Feeling uneasy and foaming at the mouth anxiously waiting if your location will be getting a crispy pearly white cabinet? On Tuesday, July 5th, we’ll be sharing with you the information you’re looking for on machine locations, eAMUSEMENT and localization specifics!

We’ll be bringing you Round 1 DDR A release information as soon as it’s ready.

So go ahead, enjoy your 4th of July weekend!