Weekly BEnama News #139: DDR A, jubeat Qubell info, and more!!


For those of you just joining us, BEnama, (BE生) or “BEMANI Namahousou” is a weekly live broadcast direct from KONAMI, bringing us the latest in BEMANI news, game updates, events, and more! Tanaka-san from the Marketing and PR Department hosts the show each week, and is joined by various artists and special guests.


First up on this week’s agenda, a quick update on this Saturday’s BEMANI ROCK FES’16: Des-ROW would like everyone attending to sing “Ahh~” during one of his songs 😛


Next up, Akhuta joined us by phone to announce “Summer jubedaku” a new event series that’s bringing 2 new QUBEs with a new song and new chart for an older song, with it’s first installment, “Fables of Akhuta”


-08.39.05 -08.39.13 -08.40.20 -08.42.22 -08.42.37

In addition, on 7/7, a special “7 Colors Selection” jbox pack will be available for purchase, until 7/28:



Finally, one more piece of news for jubeat – 5 new “Himouto! Umaru-chan” songs are coming next week, on 7/14!



As if that wasn’t enough, jubeat plus and REFLEC BEAT plus with both be getting an A応P Pack very soon!


FINALLY, DDR A information! For this part, series producer and composer U1-ASAMi took the mic to announce to Japan, what we already reported on earlier today. 8 US licensed songs will be coming to the game worldwide, starting tomorrow morning at 10am (JST)!


  • Believe / CHAOS feat. CeCe Peniston
  • Break Free / Ariana Grande feat. ZEDD
  • Happy / Pharrell Williams
  • Hillbilly Shoes / Montgomery Gentry
  • I Want You To Know / ZEDD feat. Selena Gomez
  • Shut Up and Dance / Walk The Moon
  • Time Of Our Lives / Pitbull
  • Wake Me Up / AVICII


After the DDR announcement, which brought a huge positive response, it was time for pop’n music eclale’s news! Although it was announced a day prior, Tanaka-san noted how pop’n now has a new “ELECTRO” Area in Pop’n Star Maker today, along with a new 96 vs. Tsuwa Hideo song! Asaki’s previously locked song from the 1st Star Maker area has been unlocked, as well!

-09.08.52 -09.09.18 -09.09.32

In a bit of sad news, REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA2 will lose 9 licenses on 7/26…


In some GOOD news, the previously-only-available-at-Reitaisai Touhou Project × SOUND VOLTEX goods from EIKOH have been made available at select Toranoana retail stores!



Next up: May’s SUKI Ranking, where you can vote for your favorite songs of the previous month!

-09.13.02 -09.13.21 -09.13.45 -09.14.01 -09.14.12

















-09.17.43 -09.16.29 -09.17.02

As always, the #1 song is available on Konami’s UTA.573 site to download for free!


Next up, although it was announced on Monday, IIDX producer L.E.D. joined the show to talk about the upcoming beatmania IIDX 23 copula OST vol. 2.
-09.24.11 -09.24.17


The tentative song list is above, but it will feature more tracks as they are made available in-game! Some special benefits of the Limited Edition Set include a GOLI-drawn tapestry as well as this adorable plush pass-case:

-09.27.05 -09.27.34 -09.27.38

In addition, Sota Fuji(m)ori’s next album was confirmed again, with more details to come later:








The next version of beatmania IIDX was revealed!! Location test is coming next week. More details HERE.


-09.33.19 -09.34.26


After that, everyone’s favorite cat/composer wac appeared, mentioned that Nostalgia would be happening, and disappeared:


Finally, Tanaka-san mentioned that next week’s BEnama would feature some major information on MUSECA’s renewal/version-up/fix, with just the following images teased:

-09.42.53 -09.43.53

^Possibly a versus mode coming??

v New outfit for Illil!!



And there you have it for this week. Tune in next time!