beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ Location Test: New Song List and Features!


So the new IIDX, properly titled beatmaniaIIDX 24 SINOBUZ, marks a new game in the series and we’re in line at the location test, giving live updates on Twitter on what’s going down at the Silk Hat DICE game center in Japan.

As usual, random-numbered tickets are given out to determine play order. We got #82… might not be able to play tonight:



This time around, the poster features 4 characters, and plenty of katanas:



As usual, new features and changes are shown on a large poster seen below:
IMAG2151 IMAG2152


The feedback book is also adorned with some amazing GOLI artwork on both sides:


IMAG2153 IMAG2154


  • PACEMAKER NEXT lets you use your lane cover as pacemaker background and a few other options
  • DJ POINTS for each song you played now displayed on the songwheel (!)
  • New “Ninja Rank” points are obtained after each song. Seems to be around ~30 pts for each Lv10+ clear
  • SINOBUZ has 21 songs in its folder. A (*) indicated a colored song (likely to be an unlock)


  • [HARD DANCE] Affection / ni-21 (BPM150)
  • [HiTECH FULLON] Amazing Mirage / lapix (BPM153)
  • [WORLD] AsiaN distractive / 猫又劇団 (BPM132-157)
  • [TRANCE] Beyond the Seven / Nhato (BPM142)
  • [KAWAII FUTURE BASS] Magical / Snail’s House (BPM?) <<<
  • [TECHNO] Modular Technology / Sota Fujimori (BPM170)
  • [TURBO FUNK] Music is the Answer / C-Show (BPM 128)
  • [POP BREAKCORE] OTENAMI Hurricane / t+pazolite (BPM215) *
  • [MONDO GROOVE BASS HOUSE] PAPAYAPA BASS / かめりあ feat. ななひら (BPM147)
  • [FUTURE BASS] Seize the Day / DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING feat yuyoyuppe (BPM140)
  • [DANCE MUSIC] Summer / banvox (BPM150)
  • [HARDTEK] Super Rush / kors k (BPM190) *
  • [J-POP] Sweet Clapper / livetune+ (BPM162)
  • [UPLIFTING TRANCE] Umbral / Maozon (BPM138)
  • [CROSSBREED] 鴉 / L.E.D.-G (BPM190)
  • [ACIDIA] ちらちら・はらはら / NU-KO (BPM180)
  • [HYPER ENKA POP] 冬椿 ft. Kanae Asaba / Xceon (BPM155)
  • [HIP HOP] 焱影 / RoughSkreamZ feat.楽天斎 (BPM 136) *
  • [DRAMATIC WALTZ] 獅子霞麗ノ舞 / Hu∑eR (BPM100)
  • [TRIBAL HOUSE] ¡Viva! / Ryu* (BPM135)


  • PENDUAL -1
  • SPADA -11
  • TRICORO -2: I Know You Know, Breaking Dawn
  • Lincle -1: Into the Sunlight
  • Resort Anthem -1: LIFE SCROLLING
  • EMPRESS -1
  • RED -1
  • 10th -1
  • 9th -1
  • 8th -2

There is also a web survey for all IIDX players focusing on the future of IIDX 24 SINOBUZ  – please fill the form out seriously.