Indie Rhythm RPG – The Metronomicon Will Support Peripheral Controllers and Dance Pads


Kasedo Games and Puuba have today announced that upcoming rhythm RPG game The Metronomicon will be fully compatible with existing peripheral controllers and dance mats.
While the game can still be played with a standard gamepad or keyboard, players will now be able to use their favorite existing peripheral music game controllers to make the game fully immersive.


Fans of the game will also have the chance to purchase a limited edition branded dance pad to partner the game. The responsive and sturdy pads are custom built by US company Precision Dance Pads, and are specially adapted to compliment the gameplay of The Metronomicon as you take the fight to a multitude of dance-mongering fiends. The use of the various peripheral devices is explained in more detail in The Metronomicon Minute #7’, the latest devlog from Puuba, where Lead Developer Danny Garfield explains how the various controllers will seamlessly work with the game and exclusively announces a new song to be featured in The Metronomicon.