Weekly BEnama #141: MUSECA Renovation, IIDX, pop’n, BeatStream, and more!


Good morning/afternoon/evening/etc.! This week’s BEnama was fairly short but it still provided lots of information on many different BEMANI games! Tonight, there were no planned guests, but a certain someone did show up unannounced!


First up was MUSECA 1+1/2 or Renovation M:
-08.36.24 -08.37.46

A special video was filmed featuring some very special guests… We’ll let you enjoy the surprise yourself:

Overall the video explains how many changes have been made to make MUSECA vastly more user-friendly and easier to navigate. The update will be rolling out soon – within a week or so.

A massive Retweet campaign was also announced with lots of benefits for all BEMANI players:

If the following tweet gets over 6,500 RTs before 7/27 (1 week)…

After playing MUSECA 1+1/2 once, you’ll get the following rewards across all* BEMANI games!


*Sorry, Dance Evolution players… 🙁

In addition, another upcoming RT campaign will let the winner(s?) choose ANY one of the existing 120 Graficas to be printed on an original eAmusement Pass!


Two new songs have been announced as well for the update:


Data that will transfer over: Just unlocks, CONNECT ALL marks, and Grafics (sans bonus?)


In addition, the NOSTALGIA Location Test has been announced…but, its in Osaka rather than Tokyo! It will be at Round 1 Umeda starting this Friday until 7/31… That’s 9 days! Possibly the longest duration of any location test ever?


beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ also gets another location test in Fukuoka for this weekend only!



For everyone else, Mystery Line will be continuing for a 3rd part!




Up next, DDR! A tutorial has finally been added back into the game. YES, it’s Lesson by DJ!



In addition, the score saving feature has returned! Save your scores “PAREFECT”-ly!


In the BeatStream and pop’n music Tanabata Festival, 3 songs will transfer over from each game! The 3 BeatStream songs now have dedicated videos:


-08.58.09 -08.58.29 -08.58.46 -08.59.20 -09.01.21

Mimi and Nyami will join BeatStream as Aibou (Partners) and various DecoParts will be added into pop’n



Finally in pop’n news, the 3rd set of collectible cards will be released on 7/27!


-09.05.52 -09.07.15 -09.08.13 -09.10.56 -09.11.59


GITADORA also got a new song today, with another coming next week.

-09.14.03 -09.15.04

The competition for original guitarist music is also wrapping up with results to be revealed soon:



Next up was Sound Voltex, with a new figure being shown off:




It will link up with next month’s Grace!



It wasn’t announced on BEnama, but the final 5 Reitaisai Touhou songs are being added to the game:



2 free songs available in jubeat and REFLEC BEAT plus this week only:


Hinabita’s Kurayoshi-Kuranogawa City Collaboration gets a part 2 for the Summer Festival!

-09.22.55 -09.24.22


And, beatmania IIDX copula’s 2nd OST has been 80% funded. The last day for preorders is 7/25!

-09.27.09 -09.28.39

The GOLI tapestry was also revealed as well:




That’s it! See you next time~