Road to Ballhalla Rolls onto PC This August


Road to Ballhalla (previously called Roll Playing Game), is a fun Marble Madness-esque ball rolling rhythm-driven platformer by Team tinyBuild & Torchedhill, in which you navigate your ball through insane mazes while being subject to taunting from ‘helpful’ in game text.

The stylish neon-filled world of Road to Ballhalla is a perilous place to explore, packed with rhythmic hazards that require you to move in sync with the dynamic soundtrack if you want to survive. You will want to survive too, as the game promises each level will offer a unique gameplay element, providing diverse gameplay throughout.



There are plenty of secrets and rewards to discover as you make your way to Ballhalla, unlocking bonus content, such as skins, colors and effects for your little ball. It promises to be a pretty tricky game, but you’re not alone on this journey – you are accompanied throughout by a text-based narrator of sorts, that comments on your actions throughout. This in game text is genuinely funny, packed with playful taunts and silly puns, mocking you for your failures and even tricking you into killing yourself at times. There’s also dynamic music by Emmy-nominated composer Nicholas Singer which is tailored to the rhythm and style of each level, with sound effects adjusting to the level’s music. If you’re in the market for a puzzle platformer with a great sense of humor, you’ll certainly have a ball on the Road to Ballhalla. The game releases August 5 on Steam and be sure to keep a look out for our review coming later this week!