Weekly BEnama News #142: MUSECA 1+½ Release Special, plus Nostalgia, SDVX, GITADORA, and more!!


This week’s BEnama featured tons of new information about the major MÚSECA 1+½ update (a.k.a. MUSECA 1.5 a.k.a. MUSECA+), which was finally released today. Today’s guest? Dory – presumably the producer of MUSECA!



Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 5.28.28 PM
First up – the 10 newly added songs from the MUSECA Compe.:



In addition to originals, 7 popular licensed songs have also been added to the game:



Finally, the Reitaisai Touhou collaboration song has ALSO been added:



But of course, MUSECA is not only about the songs, but also Graficas. 10 new ones have been added!



In addition, the RT campaign has been extended and improved!! The deadline has been pushed back to 8/1!


Simply RT the following tweet:

And if you play MUSECA once, you get all the rewards listed below for each BEMANI game! They have been improved as well!


BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE – the SuperChoice eAmusement Pass campaign:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.45.29 PM

After playing MUSECA 3 times, head over to this site and try your luck! If you win, you can put any Grafica on an eAmusement Pass with the exception of the Hinabita characters:


Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.45.07 PM


We’re not done yet! A MUSECA and Sound Voltex collaboration event,”Give and Take” is also starting tomorrow, 7/28!


4 songs from each game will cross over:


In SDVX, unlock the EXHAUST charts for the following 4 songs, and you’ll get them in MUSECA too!


And in MUSECA, just buy each of these 4 songs from the COLORIS shop, and they’ll also be unlocked in SDVX!


In addition, when playing MUSECA, you’ll earn pks and blcs, and in SDVX, you’ll earn COLORIS!


Finally, Dory (amazingly wearing a DEVO shirt) trated us to a demonstration of the game. Now, there are two modes: Normal Mode, for just freely playing songs, and Mission Mode, where you can unlock Graficas!


Next up, a quick reminder that the Nostalgia Location Test is still running at Round 1 Umeda in Osaka, until 7/31!….AND A SPECIAL GUEST! wac!


wac showed us the default songlist, comprised of 5 classic piano songs, 3 licenses, and 3 Konami Originals:


Since the location test is quite long, a story mode of sorts was added, with 4 different unlocks available:

-09.21.25 -09.22.41 -09.23.43 -09.25.36




Next up was a quick review of the past 6 Sound Voltex story Episodes featuring voiceovers by Tanaka-san and the next guest, Cody!

-09.31.14 -09.31.48 -09.32.14 -09.32.46 -09.33.06 -09.33.42 -09.33.57

After that, although it was revealed earlier this week, Cody told us about the next 2 upcoming story Episodes – 16 and 17!


BUT NOT BEFORE REVEALING THAT WEEKLY VOLTE IS BACK! Yep, that’s right. Updates every week:

-09.36.16 -09.36.34 -09.37.07

Also coming to SDVX tomorrow are the FINAL five Reitaisai Touhou songs:


In addition, a pkc/blc Stamp Bonus is also underway for about 2 weeks!



Next up was some GITADORA news. This week’s GITADORA ROCK FES ’16 song was revealed:



AND the Summer HimaPan (SunflowerBread?) Festival was revealed!


In the event, starting 8/2, over 60 songs from past events will be available to unlock in some form:


With the “Lucky Everyday” part, 2 songs each day will be unlocked after playing GF/DM:

-09.43.14 -09.44.01

Also, ever run into that situation where your friend has that song unlocked but you could never get it? No problem! Now, they can pass that song to you!


Some GITADORA staff will also be Battling online – you can get some rewards if you Win or Lose!



Don’t forget BEMANI ROCK FES ’16! some songs are still going to be unlocked on 8/4, 8/11, and 8/25!

-09.46.56 -09.47.03 -09.47.11


NEXT UP: Reflec Beat VOLZZA 2 news! Help Me, ERINNNNNN!! – VENUS mix – will be made available for all to play very soon!


AND!! Musou, the VENUS vs. SOUND HOLIC feat. Nana Takahashi will be added as Pastel Challenge #9! Oh, what’s that? A BRAND-NEW Qrispy vs. VENUS song is #10!!



In Pop’n Music eclale news  – the Vol.3 Card Set was released today. To celebrate, you can earn some bonus Lumina, and a special DecoPart when you choose to get a Card:



Finally, the night ended with a recap of June’s SUKI Music Ranking:

-09.52.36 -09.52.44 -09.52.55 -09.53.03 -09.53.14 -09.53.23



NO, WAIT! To everyone’s surprise, a special IIDX × jubeat × SDVX event was announced?! More details will be revealed on next week’s broadcast:




Thank you for playing~