Regular DDR Events in Mexico is Certainly Keeping the Community Stronger Than Ever


DDR in Mexico is not dead, and honestly, it seems far from it from what one may think. Yeli Vázquez is the community organizer for DDR Mexico and with this latest event being the third edition of their regular meetups, they’re hoping it keeps growing as the past two events took place with about 40 players at each.

“This is the third DDR Championship in Mexico, and the first one being carried out in an amusement arcade, because is more affordable for Mexican players –among other things- such as a good location” says Vázquez. This year in Mexico, a lot of players are getting interested in Konami’s arcade games and Bemani series than ever before, including DDR A. Currently, there are 4 refurbished DDR original cabinets which are operating and working at arcades in Central Mexico, and also there are approximately 10 DDR cabinets in Northern Mexico.

The staff of the project are seeking to promote the DDR scene in Mexico because many players (new and veteran players) ask for more recent versions, but those are not always available and service for DDR A has yet to hit their region. Vázquez says that is why they are constantly making DDR events, because they try to encourage the community to play with the available machines and also draw attention of arcade managers in hopes of distributing official new cabinets. Their next event is next month and Yeli and team certainly urge everyone to go and support if you live in Mexico!

Doge Festival 2016 DDR Extreme Championship

Location: Phoenix Arcades

Centro Cultural Cuauhtémoc, Av. Cuauhtémoc 19, Int. 58, Col. Roma Norte, Del. Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 6700, México, Ciudad de México

Date: August 27th, 2016

Cost: $20 by August 26 / $30 on August 27

Prizes and surprises soon to be announced!

Registration can be found on the DDR Mexico Facebook page

Time: 12:00 PM (GMT-5, Mexico)

  • The contest will consist of direct eliminations
  • Random mode is acceptable
  • Semifinals: the participants will compete in 3 songs chosen by the organizers
  • The winners are going to be chosen by final scores