Parallel Universe 4th Act. – Dance Evolution-themed club event report


Ever wanted to head to the clubs and have a good time, but are too shy or don’t care for the crowd that most events are catered to? Well, Japan has something that you’d enjoy. There are numerous small BEMANI-related events almost every month across the country, and one of them has been attracting a great crowd each time – Parallel Universe, also known as ParaUni! What’s so special about this? In-between the DJ sets, there are special dance performances, freestyles, and any number of fun surprises.

ParaUni started as a small event in Roppongi in Summer 2013. The popularity of it made way for a “2nd Act” later that year in Shinjuku, and a “3rd Act” in May 2014! Check out some of the past flyers and footage from the past events:


Looks pretty fun, right? Unfortunately the event went on a 2-year hiatus, but it came back better than ever, with its “4th Act” held on July 2nd at Serbian Night in Kawasaki, Kanagawa! The official flyer mimics the design that Konami uses for their Dance Evolution CHALLENGE song images:

Photo 2016-08-03 9 01 30

This year’s lineup included 5 DJs:

  • きすちぃ (Quisty)
  • えりあす (Elias)
  • Yamajet (Special Guest DJ!)
  • インディゴ (Indigo)
  • ありん♥︎ (Alin)

They were accompanied flawlessly by resident VJs AQUA and Magukabe, who provided an amazing light show, visuals, and ambiance for the whole event.

In addition, during and between each DJ set, special dance routines were performed by these 11 groups, ranging from hip-hop to ballet to tango to theater and everything inbetween:

  • SilverRay
  • Cait Sith
  • Triple Journey
  • Mermaid Girls
  • レミー (Remy)
  • 5th KACカルテット (this year’s DanEvo finalists)
  • subLim!naL
  • Sunny Side Up
  • からくり箱DS (Gimmick Box DS)
  • GemStone

In addition to all that, there was a special live/appearance by Mayumi Morinaga (moimoi)!

Dancer Yossy was also there as a member of the dance group CIRCUS! Xceon/Starving Trancer and Dai (yes, that Dai) were also present!

As usual, there were some special alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available for purchase!


The venue was small enough that it felt like a private party, but mostly large enough to hold a big crowd. One great feature is the open stage. Are they playing your jam? Head on up and dance away. Any attendees were welcome to dance whenever and wherever they wanted.


As expected from a Dance Evolution-themed event, plenty of choreography was done by EVERYONE:

The Dance Showcases were excellently done as well, with a wide range of styles and genres:

Overall, the event had an extremely fun and relaxed atmosphere, while also being slightly reminiscent of a “dance-off” competition event. Everyone was really just enjoying it!
We’re hoping the 5th Act is in the works, because this is one event we are really looking forward to! Until then, I’ll be practicing my routine for GAMBOL.