Carrie Swidecki Broke Previous World Record in Just Dance all While Raising Money to Fight Childhood Obesity


If you don’t know who Bakersfield, California native Carrie Swidecki is, then you better find some time in your day to figure that out. On top of being a California schoolteacher, Carrie Swidecki plays Just Dance and Dance Dance Revolution as forms of exergaming (exercise gaming), and has built up something amazing last week as she went to take a world record for “most amount of high scores in 24 hours”. Swidecki has always been a fan of marathon world records, but also enjoys the accuracy it takes to beat high scores as well, “which is why the records is best of both worlds!” says Swidecki.


Swidecki partnered with Otto’s Video Games and More, Rize Up Gaming, and Twin Galaxies to raise money for Extra Life to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network and bring awareness to using Exergaming in the schools to fight childhood obesity. She has been working with Exergaming in the school system for the past 6 years and it has grown into 4 programs, one being a school wide program. She has helped raise over $85,000 for charity by Just Dance at events and with her previous world records!

On July 23 she broke her latest record in the various Just Dance titles, scoring 276 high scores in 24 hours, in what she calls “uncharted territory for exergaming.” The previous world record was held at 101 high scores on just dance 2014 in 24 hours, which Swidecki held. This past world record was apart of a larger event hosted by RizeUpGaming: The Inaugural Carrie Swidecki Extra Life Charity Drive that took place July 20-27th on Twitch. Together, they raised $1,310. Swidecki has been Exergaming for 16 years since the summer of 2000 and has been training non stop for marathon world records since December 2010. She trains 35-55 hours a week, works with a personal trainer 3 times a week, trains with Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance soly, runs on her off days, goes to a massage therapist 1-2 days a week, and an acupuncturist. On top of a nutrition plan, Carrie wears specialized gear for ultra runners who run insane 100 mile races regularly. “This particular world record had 40 volunteers which were required by Guinness World Records in order to meet the official guidelines” says Swidecki

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