Weekly BEnama #143: “NEW GENERATION Summer Shooting Star Fest 2016”, NEW DDR EVENT and more!


Tonight’s BEnama introduced the 3-game event teased last week for beatmania IIDX, Sound Voltex and Jubeat… it was…


Summer Shooting Star Fest 2016


-08.42.34 -08.43.26

The participating artists were also our super surprise secret special guests for tonight: t+pazolite, SHIKI, 削除 (Sakuzyo), and xi!!


-08.44.59 -08.47.17 -08.49.04 -08.49.28













Tonight, t+pazolite and SHIKI joined TAG, L.E.D., Tanaka-san, DJ YOSHITAKA, and DJ TAKA at a 360° round-table discussion:



First off, the 4 event songs by each artist were introduced:

-08.51.19 -08.53.58 -08.55.19 -08.56.56

BUT WAIT?! TAG also joined the event and has his own song too:

-08.57.56 -08.59.07

The full lineup:


By default, these 3 songs will be in each respective game:


In order to unlock the other songs, take a look below:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.48.21 PM

In IIDX, play the 4 new courses: SUMMER, ART CORE, HAPPY, and TAG to unlock each of the 4 other songs.


Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.48.32 PM

In jubeat, just select and play through the NEW GENERATION QUBE…

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 9.48.41 PM

And in SDVX, just play! You will get the songs as you complete the Stamp sheet. It looks like there are 5 reward spots though… could that mean a 6th/boss song? Or perhaps just so pkc/blc bonus?

Next up, everyone enjoyed a fun Q&A Quiz Game with each other, talking about their favorite Music games, TAKA movie, and pro wrestler moves…?!


Next up, wac joined the group and showed off Nostalgia by playing a song along with DJ YOSHITAKA:


Next up was more announcements! IIDX will finally get ORIGINAL courses back tomorrow, 8/4!



In SDVX, Weekly Volte brings us 2 more stories in Episodes 18 and 19:


PLUS, 3 new 5thKAC Original Song Contest winners:







In jubeat Qubell, the Opening Song from the anime NEW GAME! will be added tomorrow, 8/4, with a new QUBE, Aoba announcer, and Marker on 8/9!

j1 j2


To celebrate this weekend’s upcoming Hinabita × Kurayoshi Utsubuki Festival, a new song “Kuranogawa Ondo” will be added to DDR, pop’n, jubeat, and REFLEC BEAT on 8/5!



-10.07.46 -10.07.55 -10.08.24 -10.09.19

In this fun mini-game, “BABY-LON’S ADVENTURE,” travel across 6 worlds and unlock 6 songs! There’s a revival, 4 crossovers, and a secret new song, perhaps by Nekomata Master!

-10.10.24 -10.10.35

Dance Evolution also gets a new song on 8/9!! It’s not in the CHALLENGE category, meaning it’s a new default song!

This week’s GITADORA news also packed a punch, with 4 new songs:

-10.15.31 -10.19.30


The jubeat and REFLEC BEAT plus Summer Super Sale campaign will start it’s 4th week soon, which means more free songs! This time, it’s DJ YOSHITAKA’s famous trilogy:




In other news, a special Livestream/Let’s Play event, “Livestream ExciteFest ver.3” will be held this weekend in Tokyo, and GITADORA, as well as jubeat and REFLEC BEAT plus will be there, along with a special live performance from 96 (Daisuke Kurosawa)! A new song might be introduced as well?!


It’s now August, and that means the 1-month voting period for June’s SUKI Music Ranking is finished! Let’s take a look at the results:

-10.27.24 -10.28.34 -10.28.43 -10.29.03 -10.29.37 -10.30.09 -10.30.37-10.30.31



DDR A’s opening song and system BGM, “EDSM / U1 overground” managed to grasp victory, showing just how popular DDR (and U1) still are! The song is available for free download on Konami’s UTA.573 Mobile distribution site here.

Finally, some more pictures from BEMANI ROCK FES ’16 have been revealed:


To see them, and more, check out the Blu-Ray’s order page on Konamistyle

At the end of the show, wac, TAG, and DJ YOSHITAKA responded to viewer requests and had some fun with their notebooks.