Junction Box 8 + FEEL SO GOOD 35: Creator’s and Artist’s Alley Event Report!


Ah, summer…

As promised, we’re back with another Junction Box roundup! If you don’t know what Junction Box/FEEL SO GOOD are, head back to our previous report and take a look through that first. Essentially, they’re two music game (and pop’n)-themed events where creators/artists and cosplayers come together to sell character/original goods/art/merch and to generally have a fun time.

This summer Junction Box 8 was held alongside FEEL SO GOOD 35 at the same location as last time, Tokyo Ryutsu Center (TRC).
Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.18.08 PM


As usual, I picked up the event pamphlet guide book for just around $9, and headed inside to wait with the other Early-Entry ticket holders ($4). This time around, 7 other unrelated events were being held at the same time, each catered to a different crowd:


With my booklet in hand, I could map out my optimal route for purchasing the goods I wanted. This time around, I came prepared and did my research beforehand!




While it’s forbidden to take pictures of the hall in general, I couldn’t help myself when I saw an Insane Techniques face cosplay…


Okay, now we can get down to the good stuff! First up for goods – this awesome BEMANI notebook and eraser set from returning artist Rhinitis Spray:


The inside front cover has a “BEMANI Business Card” space where you can fill in all the details you want about yourself, and on the last page, some kanji practice:
弐寺 – IIDX
両皆伝 – SP+DP Kaiden
正規譜面 – Nonran chart
高高度降下低高度開傘 – song by Dr. Honda

IMAG2395 IMAG2396

















Next up, Crazy Jackpot album art pin by Opton2, and Prims by Kaniku and Honoka, and Grims by Tai-Yan’s Kurura, Haguki, and…[?]:



Looking for something different? Check out this amazing pop’n-themed napsack by Shoko:


IMAG2401 IMAG2402


Need another bag? Shiro’s “The children of the universe” has you covered:



Proton also came up with this excellent smooooch totebag:



Next up, a cute and stylish card deck case by Pikako! These can be used for pop’n cards or anything else you want to put in them:



Each one came with a pack of complimentary Dosue tissues:


Need an IC/eAMUSEMENT card holder? Idonaka’s excellent Suiri vs. Phantom Thief Prim is just what you’re looking for:


How about some reading material? Idonaka also sold this 6-volume compilation book of past works plus some bonus material:



Hiroki and Magukabe (Mr. stoic) of DDR circle Yanada’s Target Cyberspace were back again with their latest Rinon mini-doujin:


Although there’s no relation to our very own redshoepaulKakuta Saburo Q‘s “rsp” pop’n artbook caught our eye with its bright colors:



There are plenty of different styles of art out there, and Shokuratoooo‘s work in “dream” was definitely one of the more beautiful ones:



This pouch, featuring some art from “dream” was also available:



Jey of Epische Licht had this excellently done DJ YOSHITAKA trilogy “Mission DELTA” file folder available:



Looking for the Deuil Trio? Rokuma/63 had an art book, fan, and sticker set available:



Radio*staR’s Tohno was back again with an awesome mini-stand-keychain of IIDX’s jesters:

Yuhki Tahahashi, a.k.a. Degaussr also returned with his signature note coasters and IC card holders. We managed to get the Technika set and a DDR A card holder:



momodiru (66506646) brought some new and old goods to the show, including this neat ? (Hatena) set:


Need some keychains? Of course you do.
Top row: The beautifully-packaged MZDs were made by Adashino of TeSoRo, while the stylish Smile was done by Pata over at Cannibal:Carnival. Honoka made the HELL or HELL keychain.
Bottom row: Poppoya Honpo designed the awesome 10-dan ticket charm, with the Ichinomyo/Ninomaru 2-side keychain done by Sol. Subaru’s Zizz had a great design and Rhinitis Spray’s Copula/Godspeed Aegis was a must-buy as well:



Some artists also make laminated cards of their artwork! I picked up RAVE-N’s Shakunetsu-Pastel set as well as JOMANDA and BERA from Tai-Yan’s Meon. The Dave card was drawn by Senoo of White Clouds, and the Deuil card was made by Sol:


Next up: PIN BADGES! You know you want them.
The top-left and bottom-right Giragira Megane-dan ones were made by haku, with the DPS train done by Chico Shiratori.
The neat MZD triangle pin was made by Aoikura and the D² pin was done by Mr. Fishy of Vomit Machine!
Opton2‘s Wow Wow VENUS jacket pin was another great find, and so was Suzushun‘s BisCo:



KurumiAbeshi‘s love for smooooch knows no bounds because this amazing rubber keychain and sticker set was available:

Let’s not forget the excellent postcards available this time around. From left to right:
Kaniku, Tokima(2), and Mizi!

Finally, one of my favorites, this awesome Sunny Park hand towel/glasses/screen cleaner from Noji!


As always, I highly recommend this event for any music game fans. The next events coming up are:


If anyone is interested in hosting a booth at one of these events, shoot us a message on Facebook/Twitter! A group of people would be great, but separately is no problem, of course.


~ See you! ~