CHUNITHM AIR Announcement – Notice for Players


Sega’s recent announcement of CHUNITHM’s sequel ‘CHUNITHM AIR’ (first reported here) was accompanied by a notice to players regarding what will happen to their data/profiles once the new game is released.

CHUNITHM players will be used to painlessly ‘version upping’ their data every time an update was released but this time around, the changes the AIR update will bring will lead to some player data being lost/discarded. They also hint at some of the changes we can expect to see in the new title, especially regarding the WORLD’S END mode.

To summarise:


According to the notice, once AIR goes live, all WORLD’S END charts will become unplayable except for Garakuta Doll Play (sasakure.UK clutter remix). There are apparently new WORLD’S END charts due for inclusion in AIR, so it seems the mode is being revised rather than than removed. In any case, if you want to try out the mode with the current tracks (it’s fun but almost pointlessly difficult), you only have until AIR’s imminent release.


Regarding player profiles…

Being kept

Player Data – Name, rating*, titles (with some exceptions), maps (but partial progress will be lost).

Songs – Scores, ranks, clear marks (i.e. ‘clear’, ‘full combo’, etc.), MASTER unlock status

Characters – All characters in your possession and their ranks

Skills – All skills in your possession

Tickets – All tickets in your possession

CHUNITHM-NET – Remaining days of use, rankings (with some exceptions), nationwide pilgrimage (tracks which Japanese prefectures you’ve played the game in) and your total play count.

Being lost

Player Data – Player level, dolce (the in-game ‘currency’), titles earned from BASIC and ADVANCED-level songs (EXPERT and MASTER titles will be kept), any partial map progress**.

CHUNITHM-NET – Rankings for dolce and the old WORLD’S END songs will be lost.

* The player rating is being kept, but some songs are having their difficulty levels reclassified, so an the player rating may change as a result.

** I think the loss of partial map progress may indicate a shortening of the existing maps, but we’ll have to wait and see.


The covers the latest notice from SEGA, but we’ll be back with more news on this major update as it becomes available.