Weekly BEnama #144: NewGenStarFest, IIDX INFINITAS, jubeat, BeatStream, SDVX and lots more!


This week on BEnama, a very special guest was invited to join Tanaka-san, dj TAKA, and L.E.D. – beatmania IIDX KAC Multi-Champion, the living legend himself, DOLCE.!


First up on the agenda, the NEW Generation Summer Shooting Star Fest 2016 3-game event started today! As a surprise, a “LAST BOSS” was awaiting players who obtained all event songs:

[RISK + VACUUM] Triple Counter / DJ YOSHITAKA meets dj TAKA



Next, some discussion of the new PREMIUM∞ CUP in beatmania IIDX INFINITAS:


After playing the course in Championship Mode, you unlock two of the songs in Standard Mode!


In addition, an update has brought a Resort Anthem Layer to Akashic Explore with plenty of new songs, plus Rival functionality, and lots of BIT bonuses:



DOLCE. treated everyone to a demonstration of the game, and although the controller’s key configuration wasn’t to his liking, he still did fairly well:

-09.02.05 -09.02.51 -09.05.34 -09.06.05


Surprise guest wac also joined the broadcast and challenged DOLCE. to play Sasoribi/Scorpion Fire on Nostalgia on HARD difficulty – which was no problem for him:

-09.24.10 -09.23.36

A Kanto-area (most likely Tokyo) location test will be announced next week, and it will feature two new piano arrangements:

  • CaptivAte ~浄化~ / DJ YOSHITAKA
  • Pink Rose / Kiyommy+Seiya



BeatStream got a pretty nice-sized update today with 2 new original songs, 3 BEMANI ROCK FES ’16 songs, a new Summer BisCo partner, plus Course levels 13 and 14, AND 3 new Nightmare charts:

Beats0 Beats1 Beats2


In jubeat news, a new Summer “dig dig Festival” QUBE will be available starting 8/15, and contains 3 new songs by USAO, OSTER project, and Expander, plus VENUS’ Fujimori Matsuri!

jubeat1 jubeat2


Hitori ja JESUS

Futari de VENUS

4 people.…… ?!?!



A special summer jbox selection is also available now:



In DDR news, 3 licensed songs were added to the game on 8/9, although they are not currently present in the US version:



However, the new EXTRA SAVIOR and EXTRA EXCLUSIVE songs WERE added to the game today an 10am:


The hidden EXTRA EXCLUSIVE song turned out to be a new song by DJ TOTTO, “Astrogazer”


Next week’s EXTRA SAVIOR song was also revealed: S!ck / Eagle !!



Sound Voltex also got a huge update as well, with THREE new story episodes …


In addition, a new Hinabita Vol.03 Genesis Card set was made available with a new PUR:


Also, finally, the 3rd and final SDVX Figure for this year, GRACE – GRAVITY ver. will appear in arcades starting in the 3rd week of August:

As seen above, the figure links with this month’s RASIS – GRAVITY ver. figure.

FLOOR ARTIST WARS is a creator/composer matching event running between 8/15~28, with a 10x matching bonus:



MUSECA also had some excellent news today, DJ YOSHITAKA’s JOMANDA and VALLIS-NERIA are both now unlockable after 3 plays each, with a JOMANDA Grafica also available through a mission:

-09.46.59 -09.47.44

In GITADORA news, this week and next week’s new songs were unveiled:

-09.52.23 -09.54.05

REFLEC BEAT plus is also getting Slide Objects, Song page slider, Library Management in the new 4.4.0 update on 8/12!

-09.56.39 -09.56.59 -09.57.15


The Hinabita × Kurayoshi Utsubuki Festival was held last week and some photos were shared on the broadcast:


-10.00.00 -10.00.15 -10.00.51


Another event was also held last weekend, the GAME LIVESTREAM EXCITEFES ver.3! Some photos were also shown, including 96’s live performance:

-10.03.33 -10.04.12 -10.05.25


Sota Fujimori’s next album title has been announced, and it’s not SYNTHESIZED. It’s…



It will come with a tear-off calendar of Sota’s signature “koyaji gags” (dad jokes) and will be released 10.19 alongside with the beatmania IIDX copula OST Vol2 Standard Edition (CDs only)

Also on Konamistyle starting 8/12 – BRF16 goods!



Finally, a special announcement – next week there won’t be any BEnama broadcast, but on the next one, 8/24, some details will be revealed for the Business Trip BEnama in OSAKA! (Saturday 8/27)


And that’s it! See you on Twitter!