Weekly BEnama News #145: SDVX info, and…new REFLEC BEAT revealed?!


On this week’s BEnama, cosMo@暴走P, Cody, & MAD CHILD joined Tanaka-san to talk about some recent developments in Sound Voltex.







cosMo@bousouP has composed tons of songs inside and out of SDVX, and MAD CHILD has effected (written) the charts for over 300 songs so far in addition to composing some.

But this week in Weekly Volte, 2 new songs will be composed by, illustrated by, AND effected by cosMo himself!


In addition, xi’s “Halcyon” originally from BMS of Fighters 2010 is also coming to SDVX!

xi bms

Finally, a new event, “MAD CHILD Can’t Go Home 2016” – until he PUCs a Level 13 song. The song is chosen by a Twitter poll here:


A new tournament “BEST HITS FAIR” is starting tomorrow in jubeat Qubell, with more info coming soon:


The Game Livestream ExciteGroupZ Band has a new song coming to GITADORA, jubeat, and pop’n music soon!

-09.16.11 -09.16.15 -09.17.14 -09.17.41

The title song 零の位相 by Asaki and 96 from kradness’ new album MIND HACK is also coming to REFLEC BEAT, GITADORA, and jubeat as well:


A quick recap of the SUKIMUSIC Ranking so far is as follows:

-09.21.23 -09.21.35 -09.21.51 -09.22.12 -09.22.30 -09.22.58
The ordering for BRF16 goods will finish on the 26th on Konamistyle:


The final design for the “Rail-kun” DX-23000 DPS plush pass case was revealed as well:


As promised last time on BEnama, the Nostalgia 2nd Location Test was announced for this weekend in both Tokyo and Osaka:

Finally, as a surprise, DJ TOTTO showed up with a quick promotional video announcing…

悠久のリフレシア REFLEC BEAT: The Reflesia of Eternity


This is the next version of REFLEC BEAT, with MAYA (yes, that MAYA) as the character/main art director:


In addition, it seems like EVERYTHING will be redone from scratch. We’re expecting this to be fairly new:


The Location Test was announced for THIS WEEKEND in Tokyo, at GAME SILK HAT DICE Kawasaki. We will be there!!


Finally, details for the BEnama Business Trip Edition in Osaka’s Round1 Umeda were announced:

-09.47.08 -09.47.28

The guests will talk about some secret project, plus have a BEMANI battle. DOLCE. will play as well, and a special present will be given to the attendees! However, only a limited number will be allowed in. That will be determined by a lottery starting exactly at 10am:


And there you have it! We’ll be at the REFLEC BEAT location test Friday with live updates, so follow us on Twitter for that!!