CHUNITHM AIR Officially Released – 24 New Songs in total and the New World’s End


Today, CHUNITHM AIR was released in Japan. It’s arrival was accompanied by a large update of the official website, listing up all of the new aspects amongst other things. Most of the changes and updates have already been covered by us here and here, so this post will focus on the full list of new songs and the changes to WORLD’S END mode.

New songs are (organised by genre):


フレンズ -  レベッカ (covered by 光吉猛修)  [Friends – Rebecca (covered by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi)]

夏祭り - JITTERIN’JINN (covered by ろん) [Natsu-Matsuri – JITTERIN’JINN (covered by Ron)]

Rising Hope – LISA

fake!fake! – カラスは真っ白 [fake!fake! – Karasu wa Masshiro]

‘Air’ Collaboration Event

鳥の詩 – Lia [Tori no Uta]

夏影 – Visual Arts/Key [Natsukage]

‘Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai’ Collaboration Event

secret base ~君がくれたもの~ (10 years after Ver.) [secret base ~What You Gave Me~(10 years after Ver.)]


月に叢雲華に風 - 幽閉サテライト feat. senya [Tsuki ni Murakumo, Hana ni Kaze – Yuuhei Satellite]

幻想のサテライト – 豚乙女 [Gensou no Satellite – Buta-Otome]


凛として咲く花のごとく - 紅色リトマス [Rin To Shite Saku Hana no Gotoku – Beniiro Litmus]

Private Service (from PACA PACA PASSION 2)

Air – Shiki

DataErr0r – Lunatic Sounds


その群青が愛しかったようだった! – n-buna & ヤギヌマカナ [Sono Gunjou ga Itoshitakatta Youdatta! – n-buna & Kana Yaginuma]

心象蜃気楼 – Orangestar [Shinshou Shinkirou (Mental Mirage) – Orangestar]

First Twinkle – 折戸伸治 feat.北沢綾香 [First Twinkle – Shinji Orito feat. Ayaka Kitazawa]

ケモノガル – ゼッケン屋 [Kumongaru – Zekkenya]

後夜祭 – 田口囁一/感傷ベクトル [Kouyasai – Shouchi Taguchi/Kanshou Vector]

Tuning Rangers – COOL&CREATE

明るい未来 – 豚乙女 [Akarui Mirai – Buta-Otome]

Philosopher – 少女病 [Shoujobyou]

Schrecklicher Aufstand – Katzeohr & Spiegel

ロボットプラネットユートピア – lumo [Robot Planet Utopia]

ドキドキDREAM!!! – イロドリミドリ [Doki Doki Dream!!! – Irodorimidori]


Here’s a video of someone doing quite well at one of the new crossover tracks:


Moving on, Sega also relaunched the WORLD’S END mode with a new note-type and a set of all-new charts (previous WORLD’S END charts have all been removed). The new note-type is the damage note, basically mines. When it comes, you have to avoid touching the sensor bar in the location of the note. It’s an interesting addition which, if it ever makes the main game, might address some of the ‘mash-friendly’ criticisms that have been levelled at the game so far. You can watch ‘Galaxy-class Talented Music Game Player’, Dolce. try his hand at the new mode here.

'If this note comes, avoid it! If you touch, it's a miss!'
‘If this note comes, avoid it! If you touch, it’s a miss!’

The new set of WORLD’S END charts (and their gimmicks) are as follows:

AVOID(避)Charts with the damage notes

Your Affection (Daisuke Asakura Remix) – 目黒 将司 (Shoji Meguro)

一触即発☆禅ガール – れるりり (Isshokusokuhatsu Zen Girl – Reruriri)

SPEED (速) – These charts are just very fast

sweet little sister – Silver Forest

Jack-the-Ripper◆ – sasakure.UK

DIVIDE(割)Small notes used throughout chart

ぼくらの16bit戦争 – sasakure.UK (Bokura no 16bit Sensou)

HOP(跳) – Tons of air


LIGHT(光) All glowing/yellow notes

GOLDEN RULE – Morrigan

GEMINI -C- – Tatsh

DOUBLE(両) The chart is squeezed to half size and then mirrored

The ether – 浜渦正志 (Masashi Hamauzu)

STOP(止) – Chart starts and stops throughout

Cyberozar – 消去 (Shokyo)


I happened to have a day off of work, so went down to a not-so local Round 1 to give it a try. I only had a couple of turns, but the new up/down notes were a bit hard to immediately adapt to since they seem to mainly appear in Master-level tracks. But then of course the challenge is the fun part.

We’ll be bringing more CHUNITHM AIR-related news as it comes.