Weekly BEnama News #146: New NOSTALGIA and MUSECA Songs, IIDX Copula OST Long Version Tracks Revealed and More!



For U1-ASAMi’s birthday, new EXTRA SAVIOR – ‘Illegal Function Call’ was announced and is coming to DDR A tomorrow, September 1 @ 10am Japan time and will be a new arrangement unlike the IIDX version! Be sure to play it.

benamaimage2 benamaimage1


Next up, NOSTALGIA will be getting 2 new songs on 9/2!!

  • CaptivAte~浄化~ / DJ YOSHITAKA
  • 形無き旋律 / m@sumi



MUSECA was next with a new Hatsune Miku Gallery (Part1) where 2 songs, 恋愛裁判 & 千本桜, + two new Graficas are LIVE NOW! Just play 6 games total to receive them.

benamaimage6 benamaimage5


July SUKI Ranking songs 7/6/Pickup – 10-8 are now available – VOTE HERE!

BEMANI Rock Fes’16 Blu-Ray: 9 more photos uploaded for viewing and can be seen here!



Next up, the crew revealed the extended and long version songs that will appear on the beatmania IIDX copula OST Vol.2 album!

  • Hydrangea -AZISAI- (Long ver.) / Camellia Vs. Expander
  • On the FM (20,000MHz extended) /C-Show
  • Arcana (Extended Mix) /Maozon
  • Devil’s Gear (Extended Mix) /DJ Myosuke
  • Rei ~ Urara ~ (Full story) /SOUND HOLIC feat. Nana Takahashi
  • Starting Emerging and Shisakanko ~Long Version~ /Kanako Hoshino
  • Exchange Place (Extended Mix) /Dirty Androids
  • Go Faraway (Long ver.) /DJ Noriken feat. Yukacco

Short broadcast earlier today – see you again next week!