Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live “1st Stage” Detailed


Sega has detailed the “1st Stage” of Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live, which is due out via the PlayStation Store for PlayStation VR on October 13 in Japan and October 14 in North America and Europe. It’s also safe to expect a few more stages after this release.

Players in Hatsune Miku VR: Future Live will be able to enjoy the concert of Hatsune Miku within a virtual reality setting and you’ll be picking the song you want Miku to perform. You can use the d-pad to freely change your seat within the event. You can even view Miku’s performance from many different angles on her end as well. The game supports 7.1 channel stereoscopic sound, so the reality of being at a real concert isn’t far off. Not only will Miku be heard differently based on your seat, but on stage you’ll even be able to hear her singing voice.

Liven up the concert and wave your light stick to the rhythm and call out along to the music. You may even get a response from Miku. By livening up the venue and increasing its Voltage, Miku may even change outfits. Hatsune Miku VR: Future Live has three songs included in the “1st Stage”. However, if you liven up the concert, you may get a private encore!