Project I.D.O.L.A Round 1 Qualifier Song Picks and Registration is Now Live


Project I.D.O.L.A song qualifiers for week 1 has kicked off and we are more excited than ever! You may now qualify between September 6 at 6:00PM (PDT) – September 18 at 5:59PM (PDT) so be sure to play your songs listed below!

Project IDOLA is an organized online DDR tournament welcoming players from all over the world to compete. Qualified participants will take part in 3 unique divisions over the course of various Rounds competing to get the highest scores in order to reach the final.

  • Any player with access to the latest version of DDR, DDR A, are eligible to participate in this event. (Currently South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Thailand, and USA.)
  • Choose one of the following divisions to take part in: Upper Expert, Lower Expert, Doubles.
  • You must be registered on Konami’s eAmusement service with a rival code for DDR A to enter in for registration.
  • Use a third-party host that allows images to be publicly linked (i.e. Dropbox, Imgur) to send your qualifying score pictures to.

Good luck and we’ll see you back for Round 2 (TOP 16)
September 20 at 6:00PM (PDT) – October 2 at 5:59PM (PDT)



Singles Lower

  • Dream Machine / Darwin [EXPERT]
  • TEARS / NAOKI Underground Feat. EK [EXPERT]

Singles Upper

  • IMANOGUILTS / Mysetic Moon [EXPERT]
  • Straight Oath / 矢鴇つかさ feat. 三澤秋 [CHALLENGE]


  • Confession / trance star [EXPERT]
  • Somehow You Found Me / DIGI-SEQ BAND2000 [EXPERT]
  • Shiny World / CAPACITY GATE [EXPERT]


  • Eligible players must play the 3 selected songs in their division during the period time.
  • Each player must verify their top score by submitting photo and or video evidence of their scores by posting the results screen.
  • You may use either Standard or Premium credits to enter your scores. Players using Premium credits have the opportunity to play one song twice allowing the higher score to take priority.
  • Scoring during the first 3 rounds will use be calculated using machine score.
  • Any scores submitted before or after a periods deadline will not be counted.
  • In the case where two players achieve the same score, the player who uploaded data first will take priority.

Fill out the form over at DDRCommunity to register for Project I.D.O.L.A and submit your scores!

Check out the IndieGoGo page for the prize pool as well as more ways to contribute and have a chance to pick up some amazing merchandise and specialty items for donating to the event!