Event: DanceDanceRevolution A Tournament at D&B Irvine – September 17, 2016


Dave & Buster’s Irvine in California will be having a DDR A tournament, the third major DDR A tournament we’ve seen, the last being at the Dave & Buster’s in Times Square, NY and D&B in Atlanta. Tournament format is listed below, but certainly check out the facebook page for tournament rules and more! If you’re in the area, stop by next week and check it out.


Double Elimination” tournament ***it might change to “Single Elimination” due to the turnout of players showing up and or time constraints)
-Best of 2 out of 3 songs for each round
TBD later: SEMI-FINALS will be best 3 out of 5, and FINALS will be best 5 out of 7 (subject to change due to time constraints on the number of participants)

Qualifier song for each category:
• Shut Up and Dance / Walk The Moon Difficult 11
• Fire Fire / StripE Expert 14

-Winner for each round will be determined by machine score per song (Except for qualifier round)

-If a round ends up being a tie, the song will be determined on the overall difficulty from that round and will be picked out from a container. (Ex. If one player picks a 14, and the other picks a 16, most likely a level 15 will be chosen randomly.)

-E-Amusement will be allowed. If you pick an unlockable song, that song and level difficulty must be playable for both players, or else it will be considered void. (Ex. If one player only has “Follow Tomorrow” heavy level unlocked, but the other only has the difficult level playable, the heavy level cannot be played)

-Speed and Note Skin mod options will be allowed.

-We will NOT allow turn mods (Left, Right, Mirror, Random).

You are NOT allowed to pick the same song more than once throughout the tournament.


Location: Dave & Busters @ Irvine Spectrum Center, CA
Date: September 17th, Saturday
Categories: Hard/Novice, Crazy/Pro
Entry Fee: $15 CASH gets you wristband (includes: meal voucher redeemable for food item & $10 Game Card) *

RSVP to the tournament here

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