Weekly BEnama News #148: DDR, SDVX, MUSECA, + soundtracks and more info!


Welcome back to another edition of our Weekly BEnama wrap-up! This week, guests TAG and U1-ASAMi joined Tanaka-san from PR to discuss the latest DDR news!


Crossing over from jubeat saucer fulfill, TAG’s “STERLING SILVER” will be a new EXTRA SAVIOR song starting 9/15 at 10am Japan time! It’s joined by a brand-new remix by U1 overground:


AND!!! A new EXTRA EXCLUSIVE song from a mystery composer will be brought to the EXTRA EXCLUSIVE folder:

The jacket was teased briefly on the official site:


TAG stayed around while U1 left after this segment, to reveal the current standings for the August SUKI Music Ranking, as seen below:

08-53-59 08-54-38 08-55-22 08-55-26 08-55-51 08-56-19 08-57-22 08-58-31


After that…surprise!! Cody appeared as a secret guest to present the latest SDVX news, with a total of 6 new songs – the final ones from The5thKAC Original Song contest:



In addition, Weekly Volte’s conclusion will bring the event to a close with a handful of new charts for you INFINITE BLAST!


A new set of Genesis cards will also be released with a new PUR and a few URs!


Finally, a bunch of pc/blc bonuses will be awarded for playing songs, plus a 5-song-per-day Track Liberation, a BLASTER OVERDRIVE Bonus, and more!


A surprise announcement from Cody – a Sound Voltex ULTIMATE TRACK – Touhou REMIX- album will be released in Fall! More details should be revealed soon!


Next up was some MUSECA news! First, the Give&Take event is now in phase 2, with 2 more songs crossing over to each game:


In addition to this, 5 new Graficas and 4 new songs were revealed as Compe winners:

09-28-40 09-31-21

But that’s not all! As part of last month’s RT campaign for MUSECA 1+1/2’s release, jubeat Qubell players will get a special Dory-Smith Emblem:


A special MUSECA jbox selection will also be available from 9/15 as well, featuring the game’s main character, Illil:


A special collaboration bring’s Seramikaru’s Wakuwaku Ge-on! CUP to Qubell as well. jubeat will also be featured on his next show, presumably this Sunday:

09-33-43 09-34-24

GITADORA also got a brand-new Random Challenge song today as well:


In the REFLEC department…a bit of sad news. 8 licensed/covered songs will be removed from the game after 10/3… They will not be removed from the App Store, however, so you can still enjoy these tracks on your iOS device:


In Konamistyle news, Sota Fujimori’s new album “What Temperature Is It?” got a crossfade preview of all tracks:

And finally, beatmania IIDX copula OST Vol.2’s album art has been revealed:

The first 10 tracks of Disc1 have also been uploaded for listening: http://www.konamistyle.jp/item/73590


As a bonus, a short video was teased for the official BEMANI Fan Site’s 5th Anniversary – “Rhythmic Tongue-Twisters” by wac vs. PON! The full video will be uploaded tomorrow on the site!

09-49-48 09-50-13 09-50-32

And finally, although it wasn’t announced on BEnama, BeatStream got 3 new songs in Suzuki-san’s Present Event, plus 2 new Ranking Courses:



And there you have it. Any questions? What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below 😉