Weekly BEnama News #149: MUSECA News, 3rd Nostalgia Location Test, and new IIDX Figure?!


While this week’s BEnama was quite short, we still got a handful of great news. First up was a MUSECA corner with guest Dory (over the phone) The Hatsune Miku Exhibition (Part 2) was revealed earlier this week with 3 new songs and Graficas all featuring everyone’s favorite virtual diva:


In addition, the Foot Pedal can now be used to bring up an Options Menu with settings like Timing, Effect Sounds, and more!


Next up, a quick reminder that jubeat Qubell’s 2nd dig RUSH features 2 GITADORA crossovers, plus a new original song:


A Nostalgia location test was also announced for this weekend at two locations:


On Monday, the GAME-ON Excite Series’ 11th ranking show featured jubeat, with the following results for popular songs in jubeat plus and Qubell:


Also this week, GITADORA got a brand new Premium Encore Stage song, by 96:


Coconatsu’s new track「Binary Star」by NUXX is now on available for download on Konami’s UTA.573 platform, and iTunes!


Next up was a quick recap of the SUKI MUSIC Ranking for August so far…


09-09-16 09-09-34 09-09-50 09-10-22
















Finally, the beatmania IIDX Figure Collection Vol.02 was shown – Hifumi Umegiri!


This figure, similar in size to last year’s Ameto, will be available in UFO catchers at arcades across Japan, starting this weekend!


Announced earlier this week, the SDVX Ultimate Tracks -Touhou Remix- OST will be sold one month early, at this year’s Fall Reitaisai!

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And finally, track previews 11-30 of the beatmania IIDX copula OST Vol.2 were uploaded to Konami’s YouTube channel for listening today!