Project I.D.O.L.A Round 3 Top 8 Song Picks and Score Submission is Now Live


Round 3 songs have been chosen! As always, good luck to all participants.



  • Flow ( Jammin’ Ragga Mix) / Scott D. revisits U1 [EXPERT]
  • CENTAUR / Jimmy Weckl [EXPERT]
  • Habibe (Antuh muhleke) / dj TAKA meets DJ TOSHITAKA [CHALLENGE]


  • MAX.(period) / 2MB [EXPERT]
  • tohoku EVOLVED / 2.1MB underground [EXPERT]
  • Elemental Creation / U1 overground [EXPERT]


  • idola / iconoclasm feat. GUMI [EXPERT]
  • Windy Fairy / DJ TOTTO [EXPERT]
  • POSSESSION / TAG underground [EXPERT]

Round 3 Leaderboards can be found here

Round 3 Score Submission

(Remember, even if you are not top 8, you can still play and submit for fun! Your name will appear on inclusive sheet)

Project I.D.O.L.A Round 2 results


For more information visit Project IDOLA’s main page.…/

Times of when the Round’s period is can be found there. Score submissions before or after Round 3’s time window will not be accepted. Good luck!

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