Weekly BEnama News #151: NewGenStarFest Round 2 and… SOUND VOLTEX 4 ANNOUNCED!!



On this week’s broadcast, the focus was the 3-game event “NEW Generation Summer Shooting Star Fest 2016” or “NewGenStarFest” which started 2 months ago in beatmania IIDX, Sound Voltex, and jubeat!


It’s not over yet! each of the 6 event songs will head to DDR, pop’n music, MUSECA, and REFLEC BEAT to be unlockable tomorrow!

In DDR, the songs will be available after playing any one song in either SDVX, IIDX, or jubeat. Then you can unlock them in EXTRA SAVIOR as usual:

08-41-37 08-41-56 08-42-04

If you unlock all songs, you’ll get Triple Counter, plus a special character skin for each difficulty you unlock:


In MUSECA, first play IIDX, SDVX, or jubeat, then you’ll unlock Angelic Jelly. After that, just keep playing MUSECA and you’ll unlock the remaining songs:


A special Triple Counter Grafica will be unlocked along with the song:


In REFLEC BEAT, the process is almost the same, but with a progress gauge to fill up:


And finally, in pop’n music, the songs will be available in Star Factory after one play of IIDX, SDVX, or jubeat:


To celebrate the event, all POLICY BREAKs and FLOOR INFECTIONs between Sound Voltex and the 4 new games will be revived until 10/24!



Also in SDVX news, as announced earlier this week, 8 new Touhou Project arranges will be coming to the game tomorrow, 10/6:


In Nostalgia news, two location tests are being held this weekend in Nagoya and Fukuoka:


Surprise! Two new licensed songs will be available for play in this version:


In MUSECA news, the DJ YOSHITAKA Campaign is back, with the JOMANDA Grafica Mission returning alongside a new VALLIS-NERIA mission. The 2 song are unlockable after 3 and 6 plays, respectively:



Finally, the Foot Pedal Option Menu will also be added tomorrow, 10/6, with various things to customize:

– Note hit sound volume
– Judgement Display Position
– Timing Bars / Beat Line Display
– Grafica voice
– Screen Filter
– Lane Curve
– Mode Select Display


jubeat Qubell’s dig RUSH is in the 3rd phase now, with 2 songs crossing over plus, presumably, a new DJ Genki song:


Also in Qubell, a “Trick or jubeat!” jbox selection will be available until 10/31:


To celebrate the official eAmusement App’s 10,000,000th post, a special user icon will be available if you use the app on 10/10:

09-10-57 09-11-39

August’s SUKI MUSIC Ranking is finished, and here are the final results:

09-14-25 09-15-16 09-15-52 09-16-26 09-17-00 09-17-29 09-18-07 09-18-29 09-19-19 09-19-46 09-20-45

Triple Counter took the #1 spot, so it will be downloadable on Konami’s UTA.573 site shortly:


The Konamistyle Edition of SOUND VOLTEX ULTIMATE TRACKS -TOUHOU REMIX- will also include a special illustration card, as well as the previously-announced Appeal Card set serial code:

09-29-51 09-30-01

Sota Fujimori’s album will be release 10/19, and the final design, as well as the Dad-joke calendar were shown off by TAG and Tanaka-san:

09-33-10 09-34-50

The other abum being released on the same day is the beatmania IIDX 23 copula OST Vol.2, and the inner cover has a special GOLI-drawn design…

09-37-16 09-37-19

As the ending theme started playing, suddenly, a wild Cody appeared! He announced what many fans have been waiting for – SOUND VOLTEX IV!!


09-40-50 09-41-05 09-42-10 09-42-36 09-45-03

The Original Song Contest page has opened up and entries will be accepted until 10/31!

See you next time!