Rez is a game released years ago on the Sega Dreamcast and Sony PlayStation 2 that turned quite a few heads when it was first released. A wireframe centered game that will take your mind to some pretty crazy places. Rez Infinite is Rez, but remastered, in VR and adding a few more finishing touches.

You play as a digital plain character and embark on a narrative journey equipped with a lock-on bomb mechanic (think Panzer Dragoon) and story line. The experience in VR is pretty unique with Rez and certainly one of the most memorable on the PlayStation VR currently. By having to know when to lock on enemies and for how long lies the difficulty, and with bosses, your offense game needs to be on point by dodging and homing in on weak points accurately or else you’re done for.


With every action in Rez Infinite, you trigger a musical cue, the fact of whether you’re responding to images or sounds becomes pretty confusing at times. Hiphop, Heavy rock and other genres of music play key roles in the game which pairs well when leveling up your character. Creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi has always tried to stimulate the sense of touch while playing, starting with the notoriously risqué Trance Vibrator for the PlayStation 2 and then in the full body suit seen in the reveal trailer below.

The game can be played outside of PlayStation VR as well! But in VR mode there are multiple different control options, but by default control of the camera is given to the headset itself, you know, because the game is clearly focused on the immersion. You can use either the DualShock 4 or the Move controller to control the cursor, or if you prefer you can tie that to your head movements as well.

The new Area X moves the gameplay forward in a way that the standard game does not. You’re still controlling your character and aiming at enemies with a cursor, but this time you have full freedom of movement in 3D instead of on rails, moving forward or back with a press of a button and using your head to navigate.


The game runs very well and easily the best version of Rez yet, but although in low resolution of the PlayStation VR means that some of the prettier detail is lost if you don’t play it on a nice TV. Plus with 4K support promised by Enhance Games for the PS4 Pro, that’s going to broaden the difference between the experience even further and we absolutely can’t wait to see it on the system. Rez Infinite drops on October 13 in North America and Europe alongside the PlayStation VR unit – a match made in heaven.

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Review: Rez Infinite (PS4)
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