Weekly BEnama News #152: Touhou Reitaisai & SotaPuns Special?!









This week’s BEnama was a little bit short on new news, but still brought some great entertainment to our Wednesday night as usual! There were many guests tonight, including Bad Apple!! composer Masayoshi Minoshima of Alstromeria Records, plus Tracy and Sae Tsukiyama from Amateras Records (above), as well as Cody, Sota Fujimori, wac, and (in the background) Nekomata Master!

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This weekend in Tokyo is Fall Reitaisai, the biggest Touhou event in the world not including Comiket. There, Konami will be showing off SDVX and MUSECA, and two new songs will be playable in Sound Voltex by Beatmario and Tracy. The SDVX Ultimate Tracks -Touhou Remix- Soundtrack will also be pre-sold there, a month earlier than the full release:


jubeat Qubell also gets in on the Touhou action with a new song from TOHO EUROBEAT 1, of course:


Also in Qubell, a special jbox to commemorate the Soundtrack’s release!


MUSECA also gets 2 more songs, both of which will be playable first at Reitaisai:


Also up this weekend, the Tenkaichi Otogesai qualifier song will be added to SDVX on the 14th:

Our good friend Sota Fujimori joined the broadcast to talk about his new album, which will be released next week:


After some excellent puns, we got…

EVEN MORE PUNS! (In the form of his daily calendar)

09-31-43 09-31-58 09-32-15 09-32-36 09-33-08 09-33-29

wac joined in with his own insane jokes and wild stories, and then discussed the “climax” of the location testing this weekend, a new song!









Yes, you’re seeing that correctly… Marasy will cover DJ YOSHITAKA’s “Evans” for the game. For those not familiar with him, Marasy is a piano god of YouTube/NicoNico, much like wac is to Bemani:


In GITADORA news, next week’s new song has been revealed!:


And finally a quick movie from the BEMANI ROCK FES’16 crew of DJ YOSHITAKA, Yuei, and Des-ROW revealed the Blu-Ray’s release date to be 12/21!



That’s all for this week! (Maybe?!)

See you~