Project STARS Event Announced – Begins November 20!


Project STARS is similar to last year’s successful Project DELTA, where Extreme was AAA’d in 7 hours by 17 players – but this time it’s DDR SuperNOVA! Come join as players from all over the world attempt to try and PFC (Perfect Full Combo) the entirety of SuperNOVA’s song list (303 songs!) as quickly as possible. Check below for the full list of rules and how you can submit your AAAs starting November 20!



  • PFCs must have video or photo evidence to be accepted. These can be submitted in the facebook group page during the time of the event
  • Score submissions must have the players name or tag visible in the show (like on a piece of paper/post it note by the screen).
  • No PFCs can be submitted before the agreed start time.
  • Only scores done on official arcade hardware and cabinets & software allowed. No home versions or anything along the lines of Stepmania allowed.
  • Expert and Challenge charts are only taking into consideration. If the song has both, both must be done. Newly added challenge charts are not needed, only the songs and present on DDR SuperNOVA.

Photos and videos can be submitted on the dedicated facebook page or via twitter using hashtag #ProjectSTARS

Happy 18th Birthday DDR! 🎂