The PlayStation VR as well as other VR headsets has opened up a whole new way to game and it has also given developers an opportunity to try new things within the realms of virtual reality. Harmonix Music VR is one of those new things. Let’s get this sorted straight away, Harmonix Music VR is developed by Harmonix, the famed makers of Rock Band, but it’s not a music game. It’s a music experience.

There are four different worlds to explore: the Beach, the Trip, the Easel and the Dance. Each one of them has a unique look and theme as your could expect. The Beach as the name would suggest is a beautiful beach vista which you can explore and interact with by moving your head to different focal points all while choosing your playlist from EDM to even some Amplitude tracks. The Trip is an abstract, trippy psychedelic kaleidoscope experience where no controllers are needed and you just watch the equalizer bop to the beat of whatever music is playing. In the Dance, you are in a high school hall and given the freedom to be a DJ, create havoc as a giant and choreograph the dance moves of some pretty weird characters, shoot them with a toy gun, grabbing them and throwing them into objects like a basketball hoop and more. The crowning glory in Harmonix Music VR would have to be the Easel. Here you can use your Move controllers to draw, create and manipulate amazing reactive doodles with over a dozen tools in a 3D world.



There isn’t much you do at all in HMVR, you explore some interesting landscapes and point your head at things and press a button, this leads to psychedelic experiences as you watch it unfold in front of you. That’s all that there is for scenes and 3D doodling and while they’re amazing the first time you use them, you will get VERY bored very quickly. There’s really not a lot that is offered and can pass as a tech demo at best.

What REALLY is a bummer though is importing your own music. We used a 128GB USB stick, and the only way to make Harmonix Music VR work is to only put around 30 songs on the stick, any more and it struggles big time. The problem is that HMVR tries to index and sort all the MP3’s by Song, Artist and Album. What it absolutely will not do is show you file and folder structure for some reason which is a feature semi-important and by default in any importing program or service.

Review: Harmonix Music VR (PS4)
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