Weekly BEnama News #153: beatmania IIDX SINOBUZ Special + MUSECA, SDVX 4, and more!


This week’s BEnama was certainly a more memorable one of the past year. More info was revealed on Sound Voltex IV, new MUSECA tracks, GITADORA event and more info and release date regarding IIDX 24 SINOBUZ!

First up, MUSECA gets 4 new songs and 5 new Graficas tomorrow, 10/20!

08-38-40 08-39-17

SDVX DJ YOSHITAKA Remix Contest was also revealed! More to be announced soon. You can use the “” hashtag to request songs to be included in the Remix selection!


GITADORA Tri-Boost has a somewhat new event beginning soon, perhaps as a continuation of this summer’s unlocking event!


jubeat Qubell × popn music dig RUSH crosses over 2 songs from Des-ROW and kors k, plus a new song on 10/20!


Triple Counter, winner of last month’s スキMUSIC Ranking, is now available for download from Konami’s UTA.573 site:


A few pictures were shared from last weekend’s Touhou Reitaisai event, where Konami showed off their two most Touhou-music-centric games, SDVX and jubeat.


Tanaka-san talked with Touhou’s creator ZUN about the games and ZUN mentioned that they were great fun, while downing a few cans of beer:



At this point, the night’s main event took place, the beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ part!

For that info, please check out our separate post HERE!

After the SINOBUZ play session, a “Ninjutsu Drawing Challenge” took place between all of the guests. Their results were…….quite interesting:

n1 t1 w1

The 2nd challenge was to draw “P*Light” …and it was great:

d2 h2 l2 n2 t2

w2 w22

The last bit of IIDX news brought a great announcement that many fans have always wanted – an official beatmania IIDX Twitter account!


To celebrate the new account and SINOBUZ’s release, a Retweet campaign will give some in-game “BUZZ” currency to all players, based on the number of RTs:


Here’s the tweet itself:

Finally, a surprise visit from SDVX director Cody showed off the new trailer for SOUND VOLTEX IV: HEAVENLY HAVEN. Game Silk Hat will be holding the location test from 10/21 – 10/23.

10-24-08 10-24-09 10-24-11 10-24-21 10-24-28 10-24-33 10-24-37

Yes, that’s right, the location test is less than 2 days away!

See you next time!