Weekly BEnama News #154: beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ Release Special, plus REFLEC BEAT, jubeat, and more!


This week on BEMANI Namahosou, “BEnama” celebrated the release of beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ with not one, not two, not THREE, but >FOUR< guest composers, including L.E.D, HuΣeR, Maozon, and C-Show.

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After a quick introduction of the two special guests for today, four of the new songs from SINOBUZ were previewed and discussed:

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Announcing the results of last week’s Twitter RT Campaign…


Originally, 5000 BUZZ was the top limit, but…


The tweet reached over 8000 RTs! So, 8000 BUZZ (in-game currency) will be given to all players.


The present code is:


Input that code here: http://p.eagate.573.jp/game/bemani/fansite/p/benama/code_pop.html

Next up was the long-awaited announcement of REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA’s ULTIMATE SURVIVAL event’s conclusion and penalty game. After playing one of the artists’ songs, select their picture to unlock a special song!


GITADORA’s Lucky Everyday and High-Touch Events are now in full swing, with various songs available for unlock:

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In addition, as announced earlier this week, a new version will be location testing soon!


In jubeat and REFLEC BEAT plus news, a RoughSketch Pack was released this past weekend:


In addition to that, Konami’s hit pachinko series “Magical Halloween” will also see two packs released on 10/27 and 28:

09-23-19 09-23-41 09-24-06

Next up was a quick recap of September’s SUKI Music Ranking:

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A short trailer for the BEMANI ROCK FES’16 Blu-Ray was also introduced by BEMANI Backstage’s Yuei-san:

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The concert footage is over 4 hours long, plus 100 minutes of bonus footage:

09-32-22 09-31-38

Last up, some welcome news – jubeat prop and Qubell will be getting a proper Original Soundtrack release soon! Pre-orders will be up on Konamistyle soon:

That’s it for tonight – now go play some SINOBAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZ!