Event: DDR A Tournament at Round1 San Jose, CA – 11/5


It’s official! The first DDR tournament in Round 1 San Jose is going down this Saturday, November 5th on at 10am held by David (Azurian), a huge supporter of the San Jose rhythm game scene.

The tournament will be a singles – double elimination bracket and both DDR A machines will be in use to make things flow. There will be an $10 venue fee the day of tournament. Please come early on Saturday (or Friday night), so we don’t get a long line for qualifiers right before the tournament time.

DDR A Tournament @ Round 1 San Jose
2200 Eastridge Loop, San Jose, CA 95122
Entry Fee: $10

Qualifier Times:
Sat., 11/5 10am – 1pm
Fri., 11/4 6pm-12am (for those who are in the area and want to do qualifiers in advanced)

Qualifier song will be announced on site Friday! It will be a 12 – 14 expert/challenge song.

Tournament Time:
Sat., 11/5 1pm – 7/8pm


Good luck and have fun to all participants!