Weekly BEnama News #155: jubeat, DDR, MUSECA, SDVX news, and more!


This week on BEnama, Tanaka-san was joined by voice actress and idol Yuki Nakashima, who also plays jubeat casually. After she was able to Full Combo a song in jubeat, when no other members in her idol group were, she earned a chance to appear on BEnama:

She introduced some of jubeat Qubell’s additions this week, including a revival of the Space Carnival jbox Selection:


Also announced earlier in the day, two Hinabita songs are now playable in Qubell:


Lucky for Ms. Nakashima, she was able to play the songs before they were released to the public:

08-57-32 08-57-47

The 5th and presumably final dig RUSH was also introduced, this time collaborating with REFLEC BEAT:

09-03-58 09-04-07

Next up was some nice DDR news – Astrogazer will be playable on Final Stage starting 11/7, with Come to Life taking its place in Extra Stage Level 1:

09-17-26 09-17-49

Also, a brand new song teased as “P●N meets EDM!” will be coming 11/7 as the new Level 2:


MUSECA also had a few updates this week, with a new Curator Rank (Dan/Class) system being added, along with 4 new songs and Graficas:

09-19-18 09-20-21 09-20-47 09-22-16

This week also saw the release of a new song in GITADORA (date should be 11/2)


Remember the BEMANI × Touhou Project collaboration event from last year? Four songs are now available in jubeat and REFLEC BEAT plus:

October’s here, and that means the SUKI Music ranking for September is done. The final results are below:




09-32-13 09-32-26 09-32-40 09-32-47 09-32-59 09-33-20 09-33-25 09-33-42




























A special shout-out and congratulations to Attack The Music vocalist Nicole Curry for earning the top spot with her song composed by ARM! As such, the track is now available for download on Konami’s UTA.573 site here.


The setlist for BEMANI ROCK FES’16’s Blu-Ray was revealed by Yuei, along with some details on the extra DVD disc of backstage/rehearsal/bonus features:

09-38-18 09-39-53

Finally, although it wasn’t brought up on BEnama, SOUND VOLTEX finally received the two songs that were previously only playable at Fall Retaisai, plus a new Stamp Bonus:

sdvx sdvx2

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