Rock Band 24-hour Stream in Partner with Extra Life and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center


Extra Life is a charity that specifies one day to call upon streamers to play for 24 hours while accepting donations to a specified Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Nathan (HEDONIC) has chosen the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center this year! All the hospitals affiliated are non-profit and tend to stay afloat with the help of donations. While the day is specific for Extra Life, the donation page will be open until the end of the year. HEDONIC will be participating with his father by playing Rock Band 4 for 24 hours straight. He’ll have a manual score tracking and note counter while the stream is live.


All donations will get their own announcements and special shout-outs in typical Extra Life fashion. More info can be found on Extra Life here and HEDONIC’s Twitch stream can be seen here and it begins at 10am Eastern!

We wish HEDONIC the best of luck!