Play + Mode Headed to Thumper in New Update


Thumper is getting updated for PS4 Pro today to feature not only resolution in glorious native 4k, but with PSVR in high quality supersampling and anti-aliasing – we knew that, but today the guys at Drool are debuting the new PLAY + mode that just adds another difficulty to the game but we had no idea when Drool teased it a few days ago on twitter, but it’s now available for PS4 and PC. It’s a new gameplay mode where players become the elusive golden beetle. All nine levels of the campaign are available to be replayed to gain more points and reach even higher breakneck speeds. Die once, and the is game over. If you still haven’t played Thumper – you’ll understand why PLAY + mode is what we’re scared of. Check out the 4K screen of Thumper below and get ready to die again..alot. Play + will be available right after you complete level 3 and separate leaderboards for the mode will be ran alongside the standard board.