connect!!! 4th Anniversary!!! Event Report!!!


Have you heard of “connect!!!”? Maybe not, unless you live in Hokkaido.  “20,Nov.” is a moderately-sized club event production group that focuses on events that are held starting in the day or afternoon, so that they can be enjoyed by fans of all ages. The group first created the “connect!!!” concept in 2012 as a way to join Music Game and Club music together, but also so that visitors can “connect” with the guest DJs, in a small club environment, and with each-other.



This year’s 4th Anniversary was nothing short of amazing. Some very popular artists made the journey up to Japan’s coldest prefecture on October 16th to put together an awesome day-long event.

9 hours, yes NINE HOURS of live music and fun were on the agenda for the unusually warm Fall day. The lineup was as follows:


What’s that on the right side? 2nd Floor…? At this event, held at alife sapporo, there were two separate areas for patrons to enjoy their favorite artists, along with 2 separate bar areas providing some excellently-mixed refreshments. In addition, a large amount of goods, CDs, and other merch was available for sale, including some rare albums, and official connect!!! T-shirts, buttons, and more!


One other part of the event, as with other similar ones, is the cosplay aspect, with guests dressing up in whatever fits the event theme, or something along those lines. Of course, since this was a music-game event, we had 打打打打打打打打打打’s main character, cosplayed by Mie (super special thanks to her for helping with the photos in this post!!!), plus Ameto of IIDX by ささりょん:


IIDX’s Faula by ぴーこ and BeatStream’s BisCo by てう were also in attendance:


Dancing god SUPER STAR 満 -MITSURU- and pop’n music god MZD (Inga Shinomiya) also graced the event with their presence:


Aside from cosplay, a lot fans wore event-related goods such as from past EDPs or S2TB TANO*C Gatherings:

And let’s not forget SDVX’s GORILLA:


Even after half a day had passed, some event-goers still had enough energy when the BEMANI-related performers came on stage! Hige Driver brought some well-known tracks to the floor, such as 回レ!雪月花 and of course 打打打打打打打打打打:


Up next was Mayumi Morinaga (moimoi) on vocals, with support DJ and Hokkaido resident aria! Some of her most popular songs had the crowd going, especially Din Don Dan, and the rare performance of 夢現 (ゆめうつつ) from Groove Coaster:


BlackY made his Hokkaido performance debut as well, and had some extremely high-energy tracks for the audience, including Max Burning!! and plenty of other SDVX tracks:


Returning for his 3rd year, REMO-CON had some hard dance and rave for everyone to enjoy, including his then-unreleased track “When The Bluetooth Is Disabled” which he played for the first time and blew everyone’s minds, including the staff and other DJs who were waiting in the back room:


What’s that white wall? Well, the VJs of this gig also had an amazing setup with a live-tweet wall that displayed anything tweeted with the #cnct4th hashtag on Twitter:

As REMO-CON finished up, Ryu* came out on stage to pump up the crowd with ra’am, Second Heaven, and lots of other tracks that almost everyone knew:


As a special surprise, kors k joined Ryu* for a special “The 4th” set, including Mayumi Morinaga. This trio debuted their latest “The 4th EP 2” at this summer’s Comiket and performed the two main songs for the already-excited crowd:


kors k’s set of course contained his signature songs like smooooch・∀・ and M4K3 1T B0UNC3!


After that, RoughSketch of Notebook Records and SAPPORO HARDCORE came on stage to close out the night with some hardstyle gabba goodness.

After the performers finished their sets, they headed over to the shop area to help out, talk with fans, and have fun!


~The Group Photo~


The night was a great success, and everyone we talked to was definitely enjoying themselves. Hopefully we can enjoy the party next year, too! Special Thanks to all the event organizers and staff for having us!