Pump it Up PRIME 2 Tracklist, Details, and Features from IAAPA 2016


Pump it Up PRIME 2 details have been trickling in as it was shown for the full day yesterday at IAAPA in Orlando, FL! Thanks to Andamiro, tons of new features and details are in on what will make PRIME 2 an amazing game.

First thing is the new LX cabinet design, AM.pass and mobile integration. Players will now have a card dedicated to Pump it Up to track scores, unlock songs, compete in events, earn in-game currency and more. Tie this in with a mobile friendly site where you can catch up with all your achievements, add rivalries and more. The service will be available worldwide, but no mention of a price has been revealed to us yet. The fresh new LX cabinet features a 4 speaker and 2 subwoofer sound system, a 55″ HD monitor and specific light upgrade that can be tuned for any arcade individually. USB ports are still included in this cabinet design for possible score tracking and software updating.

Pump it Up PRIME 2 will be compatible with cabinet versions – LX, SX, DX, GX, FX, CX and TX. Sorry SD cabinet owners, get with the times! Quarterly song updates including a free update in January 2018 to PRIME 2 2018 will be available for all arcade owners. Get ready for more collaborative songs with NeonFM, EZ2AC and more in PRIME 2.

26 new tracks that are not yet finalized were available to play-

  • Death Moon / SHK
  • Death Moon / SHK (different chart)
  • Last Rebirth / SHK
  • Hellfire / Memme
  • God Mode ft. skizzo / Nato
  • Further / Doin
  • Bring Back The Beat / Lunatic Sounds
  • Sarabande / MAX
  • Sarande / MAX (different chart)
  • Arcana Force / mzet:-P
  • Me Gustas Tu / GFriend
  • PICK ME / Produce 101
  • Jackpot / Block B
  • Up & Down /Exid
  • You’re the best / MAMAMOO
  • Acquaintance / Outsider
  • Moon Light Dance / TatshMusicCircle
  • Christmas Memories / Warak
  • Asterios -ReEntry- / ATAS
  • LeGrand Bleu / KIEN
  • Vulcan / Memme

*Confirmed and complete songlist will be available by the end of the year

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