Weekly BEnama News #157: SDVX+MUSECA part III Event, The 6th KAC, REFLECT BEAT info and More!


Weekly BEnama #157 has come and gone and our wrap up features some surprises and more info from the 6th KAC going down early next year.

Starting, REFLECT BEAT The Reflesia of Eternity new characters have been revealed!: イフィリア (Afilia)

、ウィスカ (Whisker) and クラン (Clan)

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The REFLECT BEAT The Reflesia of Eternity site is now open!


November 17 will include a nice update for SOUND VOLTEX III Gravity Wars as the「Someday’s Dream」Update hits with a Grace PUR/Navigator, New Genesis Cards + UR Subcrew , Merry Christmas Stamp Bonus!

8 NEW SONGS are headed on 11/18! 3 Story Conclusion, 3 Final 5thKAC, 1 Coconatsu and 1 Groove Coaster crossover.

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The GITADORA Tri-Boost Re:EVOLVE Location Test is this weekend at GAME SILKHAT DICE Kawasaki and Round1 Umeda Osaka!



Give&Take SDVX and MUSECA event Part 3 is starting soon! Two songs cross over to each game.

  • Onigo
  • Blacksphere



The MUSECA SuperChoice eAMUSEMENT Pass campaign is back! Winners can choose any Grafica to be printed on a card. Details here.




The Konami Arcade Championship 6th year is upon us and a lot of great news has surfaced today! First, The 6thKAC will allow the top 2 DDR players from USA  to join the Finals!Something to note: KONAMI ID region MUST be registered USA, NOT Japan. This is the first time in the history of the tournament something like this has ever happened and we’re quite interested on how this pans out. We’ll be in attendance at 6thKAC and certainly excited on who from North America gets chosen!



jubeat Qubell will feature a Team Division in this year’s event on top of both pop’n music eclale’s separate Boys’ and Girls’ Divisions to return again and the introduction of IIDX double play division.