Project STARS Event Recap – 12+ Hours of AAA PFC Fun!


Celebrating the 18th birthday of the birth and rise of DDR, Project STARS players got together for a day of AAA rushing in DDR SuperNOVA. November 20- an iconic song and date gave the community an excuse to try and AAA PFC all of DDR Supernova in the quickest time possible. Following the event for roughly 4 and a half hours myself, the players did not let up in quickly in knocking each song down one by one of the 327 songs. Photos of AAAs being completed came in second after second in the players group chat and honestly, it was very impressive. Players being able to PFC songs in either 1 or 2 tries shows the high caliber these players can still perform at when playing for hours on end.

Just within 8 hours (7hr 56min exactly) all of the 10 star charts and under were completed. At 8hr 7min, Paranoia Survivor Max Oni was AAA’d by Dr. D, completing all of SuperNOVA US and DDR Extreme songs except for Fascination MAXX, Healing-D-Vision, Fascination ~eternal love mix~. These songs FEFEMZ was called to AAA PFC and to finalize the event as a whole. The game was fully completed at 15 hours 50 minutes (due to timezone differences).

To check out the list of songs, photos and the players who tackled each song – you may do so on the incredibly simplified spreadsheet!

Big thanks to Dr. D and DJ Kyoto for organizing and competing in another great event, as well as Mapo, Andy-rew, ATB, Dayreon, DEVLAVG, dieKatze88, dimo, DJ Sterf, Donyal, Faker13, JJK, FEFEMZ, Maniac Stepper, omfgkirby, OmgIsh, overcast, Piukyd, Sappy, Xopher, $$YUNG$$ (and any others missing) for being apart of something amazing! Some players took the time to AAA other songs they were not assigned to just because of others not showing up for the event, misguided information, and just for the pure team cooperation. This certainly still shows the team effort players strive for and the effect of team building soaring on a whole new level. Thanks to everybody that contributed their time and we’ll see you again for the next event!

Check out some AAAs from the event below!