Are The Stars Aligning for A New PaRappa The Rapper Game?


It could be that the stars are aligning for a new PaRappa The Rapper game, or just a straight up coincidence. Either or, PlayStation Experience is coming up and we here at bemanistyle are praying for this rap star to take the stage again as we d every damn year.


Let’s begin with the anime-short in Japan, which marks the first new PaRappa material in 14 years as the original anime ended in 2002. We’re clueless on how the audience reaction is to the series or what the numbers it’s pulling, but the fact it even exists is a plus. Also, A PaRappa event celebrating the 20th anniversary of the game and the 15th anniversary of the anime is taking place at the Fuji TV headquarters in Tokyo from December 4th to January 15th, all while PlayStation Experience begins on December 3rd in Anaheim, CA. If you peeped twitter a few months ago, you would’ve seen our tweet about the PaRappa beanie and plush being available on the PlayStation Gear store due to “popular request”.

Whatever is going on with Sony in bringing PaRappa back in these ways has some heads turning. Let’s just see what happens when PlayStation Experience rolls around this weekend. GOTTA. BELIEVE