Weekly BEnama News #160: SDVX IV Special! Guests: 5thKAC Champion Boll, cosMo@暴走P & more!


Tonight on BEnamaSDVX IV Special! Guests: 5thKAC Champion Boll、cosMo@暴走P、MAD CHILD、水沢柚乃、Cody and more!


Cody sported the VolteNavy costume live on air~


Hinabita and Coconatsu new albums coming this Spring! Preorder the set until 1/15, and get a special tapestry on konamistyle. With that, the final 6thKAC song for REFLEC BEAT is Daily Lunch Special WHITEHARD. The game is also getting 23 song revivals

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(Thank You Merry Christmas / VENUS) is headed to pop’n music!

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MUSECA 1-year anniversary fan art was also demonstrated.


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Jubeat Qubell append announced! Coming soon… New Licenses and EXPERT Options return! Schroeder-Headz Pack coming to jubeat plus and REFLEC BEAT plus 12/16, tomorrow!

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Happy 3rd Anniversary to the eAMUSEMENT App! e~Amu Report coming 12/19


SDVX IV new difficulty has been renamed 「MAXIMUM」

Features, same as Location Test:

・Track Select Unlocking

・Folder Renewal

・Level Expansion

AAA+ rank added as midway between AAA and S (PERFECT) Also, Track Memorial Cards printable.

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SDVX IV New tracks revealed and 6 new Ryu* Remix Contest Songs revealed

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IV PV – Opening Theme: 「HEAVENLY SMILE」/ VALLEYSTONE feat. 紫崎 雪

Clear ALL story episodes in SDVX III, and get a Special Rasis-IV Navigator in SDVX IV!!


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