Weekly BEnama News #161: beatnation SPECIAL With L.E.D., dj TAKA, kors k, Ryu☆ & More!


Today on BEnama was a fun-filled packed stream filled with a few surprises! Check out our wrap up below for the 161st BEnama stream!


First off is an announcement of the new Hinabita album:「Home Sweet Home」and Coconatsu new album: Binary Star. Album set tapestry is coming soon!

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jubeat Qubell Thank You Merry Christmas jbox selection is on until the 28th! Get 1 part per game! jubeat Qubell will also have a new collaboration between Akhuta, Shoccho, and dj TAKA, with Yuki Nakashima on vocals!

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The 6th KAC DDR A Semifinals will bring the 7 participants down to 4. Then, the top scorer will have song choice.

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A new year is almost here! To celebrate, a new EXTRA EXCLUSIVE Level 2 song will be added to DDR A tomorrow, 12/22!


Super-hard, top-rank Grafica MISSIONS will be available in MUSECA tomorrow – 12/22!


Ninoude Tsuyoshi (24) will be available in his MukiPara MUSECA Mission tomorrow, 12/22! Mukky Christmuscle!!! MukiPara MUSECA special Mission also available starting tomorrow, 12/22!

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jubeat plus & REFLEC BEAT plus getting OtocaDoll Packs tomorrow with 4 songs by Seiya-Murai & NU-KO! A special marker also available! Also coming to jubeat plus & REFLECnBEAT plus… CHALLENGE SCRATCH: SHAMDEL ~winter selection~


REFLECT BEAT plus SPECIAL charts will be coming soon!!

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Special Hiiragi Rio interview now available on the featuring SOTAG, and special wallpapers!


The Beatnation Records crew joined the stream and announced REFLECT BEAT getting a new kors k Quest: “Point of No Return” starting tomorrow, 12/22!

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Sota Fujimori’s new album “今何度?What Temperature Is It?” now available on UTA.573, and iTunes!


beatmania IIDX SINOBUZ Original Soundtrack Vol.1 announced! Coming soon with 50+ songs!


青龍 new album AO-∞ RELEASE 2017.3.1 !!!

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EDP × beatnation summit 2017 -beatnation 10th Anniversary- 2017.3.18 Shibuya! The event takes place on 3/18/2017 in Shibuya @ STUDIO COAST

1st Artist Lineup: beatnation + RHYZE: ALL ARTISTS!

EDP 2017 After Party 3/19 @ Tokyo CultureCulture Odaiba

More information can be found in our article here on the event!

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Now in UFO catchers across Japan: beatmania IIDX Figure Collection Vol.3: Umegiri Iroha!


The SOUND VOLTEX IV「MerryX’mas」Stamp Bonus is on now until the 31st! The new Genesis Cards and PURs are now available in SOUND VOLTEX IV! Go play! The SDVX IV website now open! New Songs and Information pages are up.

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