PUMP It Up PRIME 2 Basic Song list, Network info and more!

Thanks to Andamiro, they provided a few key answers to a pile of questions regarding Pump It Up PRIME 2!
Song List
– The song list is included below, which is also available on piugame.com right now!
– Basic songs are shown on the cabinet when played normally, Full songs are shown when players login in with the card, use a USB or input full mode code
– The current version is 1.00.2 and KPOP songs and PIU original songs are on the list, more songs will be added when the next update comes down
– There are a total of 310 songs with 100 more songs that will be added over a 2 year period
– There is no special router for operators to use
– Arcades just need to get a Cat5 cable to the machine and it will connect
– No wireless capabilities have been discussed
– No cost to hook up to the network
– 20,000 cards have been created so far and 10 cards are included in every upgrade kit and cabinet (assuming)
– They will consider limited edition cards – especially limited edition bemanistyle exclusive cards for us to provide the players with!
– No camera function has been added yet, however plans are in place to have functionality in a few months
We’ll have news on the camera functionality as soon as it becomes available!