Rock Band Community Upset Over PDP Wired Legacy Adapter Distribution


The Rock Band subreddit over the past two days have erupted in anger and confusion towards PDP, the peripheral company, over the Wired Legacy Adapter for older Rock Band instruments, and just about anything wired, even the stage kit. Preorders went up for the controller back in the Summer and players quickly hopped on to take advantage of a fantastic device with a cheap price tag of $29.99.

A few days ago, Reddit user iamtheplauge received an email back from PDP regarding new information regarding the adapter after not hearing anything about orders or any type of delay.

“Hello Samuel, we apologize for the inconvenience. The Rock Band Legacy adapters will no longer be produced, as they were produced in limited quantity, per our agreement with Harmonix.”

Both PDP and Harmonix (both partners) have gone missing in terms of communication and pretty much left that limited edition detail out on preorder descriptions, leaving customers completely in the dark for quite awhile. Destructoid did review the adapter back on November 25 and it seemed like it had received some good reception. Only a few people have reported that they did in fact receive their adapter – but what about the rest of the preorders?

We reached out to PDP and Harmonix regarding the issue. We’ll let you know if we hear back.