DJMAX TECHNIKA Q to live on! (RAY is no more…)


Good news and bad news for DJMAX fans today:



The bad news is that DJMAX Ray has finally been retired from active service. The game, released over 3 years ago, was a moderately popular game, but it’s now been taken down from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Some users are still seeing it available, but it should disappear soon.


The game can be re-downloaded though your purchase history, but you may be out of luck if you purchased music packs in the past. Support may or may not be available through the advertised official Customer Support channels: or


The good, perhaps GREAT or even RAINBOW MAX news is that DJMAX TECHNIKA Q, the mobile version of the popular-but-sadly-now-dead arcade game, has seemingly been given a new life!


NEOWIZ and Pmang staff have just announced that they will continue supporting TECHNIKA Q in the future, with updates planned, but not yet detailed:


We are here with an announcement about new update of TECHNIKA Q!

Although DJMAX RAY had to terminate new download service under such circumstances,
in return for your constant support and love to DJMAX, we decided to continue contents updates on TECHNIKA Q from now on.

Since we have stopped updates on TECHNIKA Q for a long time, we might be able to need certain amount of time to prepare on it.
So, please wait for TECHNIKA Q a little bit more, and we will be back with detailed schedule sooner.

We thank you all again!


The game can be downloaded on the Play Store and App Store for free, with paid add-on song packs and more. Let’s see where this takes us!