NOISZ: A New Hybrid Rhythm-Shooting Game!


Humanity is besieged by the Corrupt, vicious monsters born from music itself. You command the NOISZ, both a powerful weapon against the Corrupt and a shield against their onslaught—but the NOISZ is a difficult tool to master, responding only in time to the beat of the music!



The first time I had the chance to play an extremely early alpha build of NOISZ, I was immediately taken in by the interesting combination of two very different genres. Typical rhythm games generally have you press a button or do something to the beat of the music, without obstacles. The majority of “bullet hell” shoot-em-up games (such as Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, Touhou Project series) have you avoid a barrage of enemy fire, without regard for the background music or timing.

But what if you combined the two? That’s exactly what the NOISZMAKERS did. This team, formed from some of the team behind Pump It Up Infinity and NeonFM, has brought a completely new concept to both genres, and it’s shaping up to be quite interesting.


The core gameplay is comprised of two elements: avoiding enemy fire, and attacking the enemy. However, both of those require following along with the beat of the music. The enemy’s various attacks are also “charted” to the song, which means you’ll have to look out for surprises in songs you are unfamiliar with!

During a song, you’ll have two actions you can perform – attacking, and bringing up your shield. However, you can only choose ONE action per beat. Higher BPM? More chances to perform the actions. Slower BPM? Be careful and choose wisely.


The game’s scoring is based on the amount of damage you deal to the enemy, and damage depends on your Combo. Combos come from both attacking, and absorbing enemy bullets. Those can only be done per beat! This means that you’ll really have to master the song in many ways, if you want to have the highest score.

Of course, the game is also accessible to a wide range of players, with 3 difficulty levels per song. Even more forgiving, you can continue to play even after you’ve lost all of your lives, although this puts you at a huge damage and score disadvantage.


Each song is broken up into a few different “verses” – each with separate life bars for the enemy, and each with their own scores and grading.



The game has just opened up its Kickstarter, so that they can fund the game enough to cover music licensing, development, and other production costs. In addition, some stretch goals have been planned, such as a macOS port, or possible DLC songs from Pump It Up or NeonFM!

Currently, the game is in an early stage, but a Demo version is available! Head on over to the Kickstarter page for the download link, and more details.

We’ll definitely be covering this game’s progress, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates!

Finally, check out the official teaser video showing how the game works in action: